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Coffee beans

Organic Coffee

Organic? What is organic? The question of organic food became very popular in the 21st century. In the developed countries the agriculture is based on the farming and breeding organic plants and animals. The demand for organic food is very high due to a realization of GMO products. The people are willing to pay the… Keep Reading

3 Amazingly Interesting Coffee Appliances

Vacuum coffee maker First of all, we need to know that this is one of the Siphon coffee makers (these devices use special brewing method) and that there are two types of Siphon coffee makers: Stovetop type, which sits on the stove and does not require any additional tools to use and Traditional Siphon, and… Keep Reading

Cup of white coffee

Some Types of White Coffee

When we talk about white coffee, think about the black coffee with added milk. There are a lot of variations and types of this coffee, but some of the world’s most common are the following: café latte, café Au Lait, café Breva, café Macchiato, café Latte Fredo, café Mocha, espresso con Panna, espresso Granita, Frappe,… Keep Reading

Cup of coffee

What Makes Coffee Delicious?

The first gulp from the freshly prepared coffee can be a really enjoyable moment. But if the coffee was not made well -with due attention to the details-, we may be disappointed. There are many factors influencing the quality of the coffee. Sometimes we get different results, even when the method is the same. We… Keep Reading

Coffee, chocolate and cookies

Coffee and Chocolate

Both chocolate and coffee provide unique culinary experiences and is no coincidence that both products are so popular because they have a lot of common features. The main raw material for chocolate and coffee both grow in the tropics. Organic-rich soil, high rainfall and smooth and balanced, at least 17-20 ° C temperature is essential… Keep Reading

Woman drinking coffee

The Physiological Effects of Coffee

The passion of coffee was once regarded as an unhealthy addiction, but nowadays we already know that this conception is exaggerated. Researchers have proven that moderate consumption of coffee may have a positive effect on our bodies. We may think about coffee as a nutritional supplement, but the variety and the quantity do matter. Coffee… Keep Reading

Tiramisu in a glass

Coffee Sweets

Many people start the day with coffee. And this beverage is certainly a good „propellant” throughout the day. We represent 3 coffee sweets, which are certainly worth tasting: Affogato One scoop of ice cream is put in a small bowl or cup, then it is poured with hot espresso. Its exact name is affogato al… Keep Reading

Canned Coffees

Canned Coffee

This type of coffee was invented by the Japanese back in 1969 and was first developed by a company called UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. The more significant impact in the world of canned coffee was made in 1973 when the Pokka Coffee was introduced and until 1983 this coffee maker shipped more than 100 million… Keep Reading

Viennese coffee house

Viennese Coffee House

This coffee house is an institution that plays an important part in Viennese culture. The Viennese Coffee House is listed since October 2011 as Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austrian inventory. It is described as a place where time and space are consumed but only the coffee is found on the bill. There is a specific… Keep Reading

Traditional Vietnamese egg coffee

Egg Coffee

Believe it or not, this is the traditional coffee prepared In Vietnam from the egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Robusta coffee. This coffee has a lot of proteins and is considered as a little meal. So, what do you need in order to create this specific coffee? One egg, 3 teaspoons of Vietnamese coffee… Keep Reading

Barista making coffee

Who is the Barista?

Who is the barista? The word sounds really good and round. It is often used nowadays, however, not everyone is a barista who is able to make a cup of coffee. The barista is a real coffee specialist, who is supposed to know all the ins and outs of coffee brewing. According to the official… Keep Reading

Baileys coffee

Liqueur Coffee

If you ever tried the Irish coffee you this recipe will be similar. This coffee is prepared similar to Irish, but instead of whiskey, you will need to add a shot of liqueur (Baileys is preferred). It is often served in a special liqueur coffee glass with the top of the rich cream. This coffee… Keep Reading

Kenyan coffee beans

Coffee Production in Kenya

Kenya is situated in East-Africa. The country is one of the most important coffee producers in the world. The birthplace of coffee is relatively close to Kenya but getting it there was not an easy task and full of bloodshed. The Arabs who controlled coffee enslaved thousands of Kenyan’s where they worked on the coffee… Keep Reading

Redhead woman drinking coffee

Coffee Tasting

Yes, there is a difference between coffee and coffee, and not just in terms of quality: there is even a difference between a good coffee and a good coffee. We know and feel which coffee do we like, but defining the flavors and aromas, the acidity and body of the given coffee is a harder… Keep Reading

Coffee fortune telling

Coffee Fortune Telling

Coffee is one of the top luxury goods worldwide. In most cultures, role in the not only individual but also social rituals are related to its consumption. Just think about the wonderful beverages sipped during friendly conversations, coffee breaks at work or coffee cupping. Religious ceremonies come less to our mind, though there are places… Keep Reading

Coffee production in Mexico

Coffee production in Mexico

Mexico harbors so many exciting things that it is hard to list everything. There is hardly any other country that would be so captivating, passion is emanating from everywhere. Here, the story of coffee production is full of vicissitudes which affected and affects the life of the entire country. It is certainly more than dates… Keep Reading

Cup of irish coffee

Irish Coffee

According to the legend, the first Irish Coffee was born in the southwestern port of Ireland, Foynes, in the early 1940’s. The café of the harbor was the first destination of the tired, frozen passengers arriving from the United States. The store employee Joe Sheridan invented the drink, which warmed both the body and the… Keep Reading

Café Bombon

Tasty but lesser-known coffees

Everybody knows cappuccino, latte macchiato or latte, even the ones who are not particularly versed in the world of coffees. However, there are many variations of coffee, which are not more complicated than these classics, are made of ordinary ingredients, but for some reason, they are less well known. Bombón Café The café bombón is… Keep Reading

Cup of decaffeinated coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee is a strange phenomenon, because most of us drink coffee for its stimulating effect, besides its aroma. Many people do not see the point and think that it is like alcohol-free beer: the essential is missing. But decaffeinated coffee may not be pointless. Many people do not consume caffeine due to health problems,… Keep Reading

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