Ever wondered what is the world’s strongest coffee? Well, the title of this article gives you the answer to that question. It is the death wish. They even came up with the name that cannot be better.

A year is 2012 and a man called Mike Brown wanted to make the world’s strongest coffee. But it also needed to be a drinkable, delicious beverage. And because of that Death Wish Coffee Co. was born in a small coffee shop in a place called Saratoga Springs. Since the moment of its birth, this coffee wears a title of world’s strongest coffee and the thousands of costumes proved that it is the no.1 coffee when it comes to the strength of the taste it gives. It will literally blow your mind (well not literally).

This is a small company, but it has a clearance from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  The coffee is organically grown, fairly traded and expertly handled. They say that if their coffee isn’t the strongest coffee you ever tried, they will give you back your money. So they are very confident in the position of their coffee in the scale of the world’s strongest coffee.

The improvement in their business began back in 2015 when they won the competition which enabled them to have a 30-second commercial spot during the Superbowl game. Since that moment the prosperity in their business began and the dream came true. They even had the honor to be the official coffee sponsor of New York Comic Con and Nascar driver Ty Dillon.

Currently, there are 19 employees eager to mention the title of the strongest coffee hardly gained. Some say that the coffee this strong is irresponsible but they call it revolutionary. Because it is the coffee with the highest content of caffeine you need to take this coffee seriously. Don’t drink it as a water. You will think that something this strong needs to be bitter, but because of the revolutionary techniques in the roasting method and with the careful separation of the coffee beans this cup of coffee tastes amazing.  The flavor is rich with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate and it offers the extra punch. As soon as you open the bag you are hit with a wonderful semi-sharp earthy coffee bean smell. There is a warning that says – highly addictive! So if you have trouble getting up in the morning, or you are feeling cranky because you had a good dream the cup of this black masterpiece will straighten up your day.

This coffee comes in the 1 pound and 2 pound bag. The grind can be ground or the whole bean. Like any other serious company, this one offers their products online. For a 16 ounce bag of this coffee, you need to give 20 $ (well something this strong doesn’t come very cheap). On the Amazon website, this coffee earned 4.7 out of 5 stars (one of the best reviews in the coffee category).

Also, the company produces the Death Wish Coffee Single Serve Capsules for Keurig K-Cup Brewers and the handmade mugs with the official skull logo for the best possible coffee drinking experience. Also, you can buy an original Death Wish T-shirt that is 100 % cotton made and represents Death Wish wherever you go. Besides this, they also offer the Valhalla Java Ground Coffee which also became their popular product (it is a few dollars cheaper but the funny thing is that it has 0.1 more stars on the Amazon review than the Death Wish coffee). Once a year they offer special Pumpkin flavor coffee (by the words of those who tried it…. heaven in your mouth!

So this one is for you, true caffeine addicts. If you want to experience the unique experience that will spread your pupils up to the size of a coin the Death Wish coffee is something that you cannot bypass.




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