Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany, is a beautiful place to live, and to visit. There are so many things to do here, this city is so vibrant and full of life, throughout the whole year. Munich is an old town, dating back to 12th century, and if history is your thing, Munich will not disappoint.

Here you will see medieval churches like Frauenkirche, Peterkirche and many other. Don’t like medieval? There are some modern (dark) history sights too, the Dachau concentration camp, and the beer hall where Hitler attempted his putsch. If you love cars, and especially BMW, Munich is the place to be.

BMW Welt and BMW Museum will leave you speechless. Here you will learn about your favorite car brand, BMW, and about cars in general. The whole BMW Museum building is shaped like an engine block, you will spot it easily from far away. And if you are a sports fan, Munich has a lot to offer.

Munich is the home of Bayern Munich, the most successful football team in Germany, and their stadium, Allianz Arena is something special. It was the first stadium in the world to have changing color exterior.

If you come during the day, you will see only white panels, but the night is when things start to shine (literally!) as Allianz Arena starts changing colors. It will be mostly in red and blue, the colors of Bayern Munich football club.

Also, Munich was the home of the (tragic) Olympics, in 1972. and you can tour around the great Olympia park and Olympic village, and see different stadiums and sports battlegrounds. Our recommendation is to take the elevator right to the top of communication tower.

You will have a breathtaking view on the whole city, and it is an ideal place to make some Instagram shots. One of the main tourist attractions in Munich is Englischer Garten, a huge park, one of the biggest in the world. In fact, this park is even bigger than Central park, New York.

It is a great place to have a picnic, or to chill in a shade on a sunny day. There is one things that Munich, and the whole Bavaria is famous for- beer. You can argue where the best beer in the world is made, because it is all a matter of taste, but Bavaria will be on every true big lovers shortlist.

Most of the times on top of it. After all Oktoberfest, the biggest festival of beer and true German culture is held every year in Munich. A mecca for beer lovers. But, don’t think that Munich has nothing to offer for us, coffee lovers too. On the contrary.

There are many great cafes hidden around the city. And there is no better way to wake up after a night out in the town, than a fine brewed coffee. Especially if you had too much above mentioned beer. So join us on our journey through the top 10 cafes of Munich.

10. Arzmiller

  • Address: Salvatorstr. 2, 80333 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 294273
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8:30 AM- 6:30 PM; Sunday 10AM-6PM
  • More info:

Arzmiller is a cafe located close to the Field Marshall’s Hall and Odeansplatz, just behind Theatine church, making it a good option for a quick coffee break if you find yourself in the vicinity. Cafe sits in an old yellow building, and is easy to spot even from a far.

Outside they have set up umbrellas, protecting you from the sun, or sudden showers. Pleasant courtyard is spacious, and ideal even for bigger crowds. Inside area is more intimate, and a good place for a business lunch. Talking about food- Arzmiller portions are huge!

This is a common thing in Bavaria, people like to eat here, and they like to eat a lot. Arzmiller is great because it opens early, unlike many other places in Munich, making it one of the best options for breakfast in this part of the town. Their deserts and pastries are fabulous, and prices are affordable, especially when you consider portion sizes.

But be careful, make sure to get to Arzmiller early. It is a very popular place, and they can run out of the best things later in the afternoon. Arzmiller serves excellent bottled beer, if you prefer it. Arzmiller is a good place to enjoy coffee.

Drinking it early in the morning, watching this beautiful and peaceful courtyard is one of the best feelings you can get here in Munich. Cappuccino and latte-macchiato are excellent, as well as regular coffee. All in all, Arzmiller is a great cafe/restaurant, well worth visiting.

coffee shop Café Capitale

9. Cafe Guglhupf

  • Address: Kaufingerstr. 5, 80331 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 2608868
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat 8:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sun 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • More info:

Located in the city center,close to Marienplatz, Cafe Guglhupf is on an excellent location. You should definitely stop here for a quick snack or a coffee break after a hard day of shopping and strolling through the busy streets of Munich.
Great thing about Cafe Guglhupf is that it is hidden a little bit, in a passage.

This both makes it more comfortable and more quiet. Guglhupf opens early, and works on Sunday, which is unusual for Munich. This means you will enjoy it no matter when you visit this beautiful city. Cafe Guglhupf has excellent staff. They are very friendly, and always in a good mood.

They work fast, and you will be served in no time at all. Waitresses wear traditional Bavarian dresses, and this only adds up to the true flavor of Bavaria Cafe Guglhupf shares. They speak English, and will offer you menu in English, which is nice. Food in Cafe Guglhupf is good.

We recommend eating true German dishes, along with drinking some Bavarian beer. You should also try their goulash, and asparagus soup, they are delicious. And after the meal, you should have desert, a good Bavarian roll, or any other cake, as they are all tasty. Try Guglhupf cake, it is their specialty and the whole cafe is anmed after it.

Locals love it too, and this is always a good recommendation. Coffee in Cafe Guglhupf is perfectly made. You will enjoy drinking it in this cozy place. The Guglhupf cake and coffee are an ideal combination.

In fact, this cake is meant to be dunked into the coffee, as it softens up and changes the taste a bit. You simply must try this combination, it will make both your coffee and Guglhupf cake much better!

coffee shop Café Capitale

8. Coffee Bar in der BMW Welt

  • Address: Am Olympiapark 1, 80809 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 125016001
  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 12:00 pm ,2:00 pm – 6:00 pm ; Sat 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • More info:

This is something special, a cafe inside the BMW world. A must stop for all car lovers. A true German sports car, BMW is one of the icons of Munich. The BMW museum is amazing, with classic BMW cars from different epochs, a real paradise for those horsepower addicts and motorheads.

So if you are a fan of good coffee, and a fan of BMW, or cars in general, you simply must visit this place, it has so much to offer. Tucked inside the BMW Welt building, this cafe is an ideal place to visit after strolling though the Museum, looking beautiful vehicles, and finding out about your favorite car brand.

You will drink coffee and have a light snack, all while looking at some precious BMW’s. And trust us, you will need this break, since walking through enormous BMW buildings can leave you winded. It is good to know that this cafe has a balcony option, so you can sit outside in the warm summer days.

Since this is practically the only cafe around, it can be quite busy. But waiters are professional, and work fast. After all, this is Germany, and professionalism is expected everywhere. You will be served fast. Although this is the only cafe here, it is not overpriced, kudos to BMW for being fair.

Coffee Bar in der BMW Welt is only a cafe, so don’t expect to get a full lunch here, they only serve beverages and light snacks. But, the food they do serve, is fresh and tasty. Ideal for refilling your energy, and going back into the BMW world.

Try their muffins, they are yummy. The coffee itself is exceptional, and not only because most guest are tired when they walk in. They serve all popular coffee variations. Also, free WiFi is available, so you can check your email, or tag yourself on Facebook or Instagram.

coffee shop Café Capitale

7. Teatro Bar Tapas

  • Address: Balanstr. 23, 81669 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 48004284
  • Opening hours: 17 PM – 01 AM, every day
  • More info:

Teatro Bar Tapas is a unique place, you will taste the flavor of Spain, right in the heart of Germany! It is not on the usual tourist route, but it is well worth visiting. As soon as you enter Teatro Bar Tapas, you will be welcomed by a polite hostess. She will get you to your seat, and will make some recommendations.

But be aware, Teatro Bar Tapas is very busy, every day, and it will be smart to reserve a place in advance. Great thing about it is that it stays open late, unusual for most places in Munich. Service here is exceptional, and this is so important because Teatro Bar Tapas is always maxed-out.

You will be served immediately, and waitresses are very kind. The most important thing in this bar are obviously tapas. And there will be no unpleasant surprises, as you get to see what you order, all meals are clearly displayed, and everything is as-is. They have a wide range of tapas, usually around 25 or more different kind.

You wait down in a line, writing the numbers of your tapas, giving it to the waitress, and she brings them to you, served. You can also order some Spanish drinks like sangria, and enjoy them while you eat. It is a very interesting concept, and makes this busy place even more alive.

Although coffee is not the go-to item of Teatro Bar Tapas, you can get it here, and it is quite good actually, our favorite is espresso. But even without coffee, this place would be worth visiting, especially if you get tired of that strong Bavarian cousin, and your stomach craves something different and more exotic.

coffee shop Café Capitale

6. Dinatale Cafe

  • Address: Veterinaerstr. 4, 80539 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 32499966
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat 7:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sun 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • More info:

Dinatale Cafe is a stylish place, sitting just outside the Englischer Garten, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Munich. Since you will most likely visit this gigantic park, you should definitely stop for a coffee break in Dinatale Cafe. It is a traditional Italian family business, and they do their best to maintain their impeccable reputation.

This cafe offers both outside and inside sitting options. Outside is good when the weather allows, as large umbrellas provide good shade. Inside area is nice, and stylish. It has that Italian feel to it, with high chairs and small tables.
Staff of Dinatale Cafe is something else, one of a kind in Munich.

They have real Italian baristas with diplomas, and are highly trained and professional. Not only that, but they are very fast and very polite. Although this is just a cafe, you can get some delicious deserts and light meals here too. We recommend trying their cheesecake, it is so well made and delicious.

And now about the coffee- Dinatale cafe is passionate about their coffee. They have all the best official Italian certificates. They are a member of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe), and this is a specialized cafe with a reward of INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano).

These certificates prove that Dinatale cafe has high standards, and locals know this, they are regulars here. Locals are proud to say that Dinatale cafe has the best coffee in Munich. Dinatale Cafe is a must visit for true caffeine addicts, so don’t miss it.

coffee shop Café Capitale

5. Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters

  • Address: Muellerstr. 23, 80469 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 80046681
  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 6:00 pm; Sat 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • More info:

Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters, a cafe with an interesting name is located just outside the Altstadt, the old part of the city Munich. This is a true modern cafe, and in Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters coffee is the main thing, and everything circles around it.

Cafe is well designed, with lots of natural light, an ideal place to start your day right. The only downside to this great cafe is it’s size- it’s quite small, and it can be hard to find a place to sit here, since it is very popular and busy. Staff here is very friendly.

Baristas are passionate about coffee, and very knowledgeable too, willing to talk about it. You can sense that they do their job with passion. And every cup they brew is a work of art, since they do amazing things with foam decorations. They will make honest recommendations too.

Although this is just a cafe, they have some interesting food to eat. You must try their banana bread, or homemade Dinkelbread, they are delicious. But the number one reason why you should visit Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters cafe is their coffee, it is simply impeccable.

They make both handbrew and machine made coffee, depending on the type you choose. Cappuccino is a joy for all senses. It looks amazing, smells even better, and the taste will leave you speechless. It will be one of the best cappuccinos you ever tried, not only in Munich, but in your whole life.

They also make some special kinds of coffee, just ask friendly baristas about it. Overall, Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters is well worth a visit, even if you find yourself on the other side of town. Their coffee is the number one reason why.

coffee shop Café Capitale

4. Jahreszeiten Lobby

  • Address: Maximilianstr. 17, 80539 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 21251745
  • Opening hours: every day 8:00 am – 1:00 am
  • More info:

In Jahreszeiten Lobby time has stopped. You will feel like an aristocrat sitting in this great place. This hotel lobby is an ideal place to be, especially if the weather outside is bad. A truly unique environment, and one of the nicest hotel lobbies you can find anywhere.

Only the skylight of this place is a good enough reason to visit it, it is really something else. Staff is great, classy, and they only add up to the overall great atmosphere of this place. They will guide you through the menu with patience, offering recommendations as they do.

The menu in Jahreszeiten lobby is rich. You can get some very expensive and luxurious meals from all around the world, accompanied with some top-class wines and champagnes. But even if your pocket is not that deep, there will be options to choose from.

We recommend trying their salads, both fruit and vegetable, they are excellent, made from fresh ingredients. Jahreszeiten Lobby offers great deserts too, so try some of authentic German cakes such as Schwarzwald (black forest cake).

Jahreszeiten Lobby serves good coffee too, and it is an ideal place for a coffee-break. You get to drink your favorite drink while observing the busy streets of Munich outside, all in the comfort of this beautiful lobby. A really, really one of a kind experience.

coffee shop Café Capitale

3. Chocolaterie Beluga

  • Address: Viktualienmarkt 6, 80331 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 88901673
  • Opening hours: Sun 11:00 am – 7:00 pm; Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • More info:

Located in the heart of the food market, and close to the Peterkirche, Chocolaterie Beluga is a place to be for real chocolate lovers. And since you will probably walk near it, make a well deserved coffee break in your busy tourist day. Staff is excellent, they will explain everything to you.

They will guide you through the Chocolaterie Beluga’s chocolate world explaining the ingredients, and making recommendations, helping you in choosing. This place all about chocolate. Chocolaterie Beluga offers it in many shapes and forms.

They offer so much variety- from the dark, and a bit bitter kind, to those super sweet and smooth milk-rich chocolates, you name it, Chocolaterie Beluga has it. Their specialty is hot chocolate, and it is certainly one of the best in the world. They let you mix your own chocolate, and you get to choose different flavors.

We recommend you to try hazelnut and whiskey. Chocolaterie Beluga has something special called Choco cubes. These are squares of chocolate with wooden spoons embedded into them. You are supposed to dunk them into hot chocolate and let them melt, releasing the spoon which is then used for stirring.

This is such a cool idea, and an ideal present to buy for your friends or loved ones. Too hot for hot chocolate? In the summer Chocolaterie Beluga serves yummy ice-cream to cool you. Chocolaterie Beluga has surprises for coffee lovers too.

They offer many coffee flavored chocolates and ice creams, such as mocca and cappuccino. But their regular coffee is exceptional, especially espresso and cappuccino. So if you like coffee and chocolate, and find yourself in Munich, you certainly can’t miss Chocolaterie Beluga.

coffee shop Café Capitale

2. Cafe Maelu

  • Address: Theatinerstr. 32, 80333 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 24292597
  • Opening hours: Sun 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm; Mon – Sat 10:30 am – 7:00 pm
  • More info:

Cafe Maelu is a wonderful place in the Munchen Altstadt. If you are a fan of some delicious cakes (and who isn’t?) give this place a try, you will be delighted. Interior of the store is simple, plain white, with colorful cakes contrasting it through the front windows.

There is an outside sitting option to, and we recommend it, if the weather allows. Staff is very kind and helpful. You can ask them about each of their fabulous cakes, and they will be happy to guide you through. And trust us, you will need help, there are so many of them!

Each of Cafe Maelu’s cakes looks so good, that you will want to try them all out! But unfortunately, you need to make a choice, as you can’t eat all at once. This is why we advise you to come here every day of your visit, and try something new each day.

These cakes don’t only look good, the real pleasure comes from within. As soon as you cut them in half, you will see how much attention, love and passion is needed to make each of them. Just count how many layers each one of them has… Macrons, ecklers, brownies, each taste will flood your senses with pleasure, no matter which cake you choose.

They are truly work of art. Cafe Maelu serves good coffee and tea too. Try their espresso, it goes well with their exceptional cakes. Mocca and latte coffee are one of the best around. All in all, Cafe Maelu is unique, and it truly deserves to be one of your priorities when visiting Munich.

coffee shop Café Capitale

1. Cotidiano

  • Address: Gaertnerplatz 6, 80469 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Telephone: +49 89 242078610
  • Opening hours: Sun 7:30 am – 9:00 pm; Mon – Thu 7:30 am – 10:00 pm; Fri – Sat 7:30 am – 11:00 pm
  • More info:

We have showed you some great cafes, each unique in it’s own way, but only one of them can be the best. It was a close call, but the title goes to Cotidiano. Cotidiano is located in the Gartnerplatz, and in a very nice environment.

It is outside the Munchen busy area, a perfect place to have a break and some peace, before you step right back into the tourist world. The whole cafe is beautifully designed. There are tables outside if you like to observe street life while having a meal or drinking coffee.

But the inside is something else. The whole place is done in two-tone wood and looks so relaxing. Light techno music in the background makes atmosphere even better, and amplifies that modern feel this cafe has. This is welcomed, since pubs and more traditional restaurants dominate Munich, and get a little bit washed up.

So a true modern cafe is like a breath of fresh air. Cotidiano has some excellent waiters and baristas. They are ever-smiling and will passionately welcome you, and they work fast. You can ask them about Munich, and they will gladly respond to your questions, since they are quite chatty.

Just try not to take too much of their time, Cotidiano is a busy place. This is a perfect place to have breakfast. They offer many “national” breakfasts, such as American, English, Belgian… Also, Cotidiano offers many options for a quick snac- great sandwiches, croissants, waffles, special breads with different kinds of spreads.

They have excellent pasta and pastries, and you can take them home too, if you don’t have time to eat out. And the coffee… It is simply outstanding. Cotidiano serves coffee like the French do, in large cups. Every cup is brewed to perfection, satisfying even the picky ones.

Latte caffe is especially good, so is the cappuccino and regular espresso. Cotidiano is simply a perfect cafe. They do all the things other cafes do, but they simply do it a bit better. Location, design, service, food, coffee, everything here is spot-on, and Cotidiano deserves the title of the best cafe in Munich.

coffee shop Café Capitale


Munich is a great place to be. It offers so much- culture, history, shopping, nature. You can enjoy drinking good beer, walking through beautiful parks, visiting museums, or shopping through many malls. You can visit some great stadiums, even car factories.

But it is a great place to drink good coffee too. In this article we presented you with 10 cafes that we think are the best. Cotidiano, Cafe Maelu, Chocolaterie Beluga, Jahreszeiten Lobby, Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters, Dinatale Cafe, Teatro Bar Tapas, Coffee Bar in der BMW Welt, Cafe Guglhupf and Arzmiller are all great options, unique in their own way.

We invite you to visit Munich, and these great cafes. And if you find more yourself, share them with us, and we will consider reviewing them, on our next visit. Our next stop will be across the Atlantic ocean, we go to Canada to visit Toronto, so stay tuned!




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