Water for coffee

Water quality is a key factor to coffee brewing. So paying attention to freshly grounded, quality coffee and the corresponsive coffee machine may not be enough.

So we should also be aware of the possibilities.

Tap water

If you are lucky, your tap water is of sufficient quality for coffee brewing. We may get information about the consistency of our drinking water on the service provider’s website, while the water hardness can be checked with home tests that are available to order online.

Tap water

Bottled water

Bottled water may also be used for coffee brewing, but if we decide so, we ought to check the mineral content of the water, because thus we can reduce limescale formation, and the dissolved minerals can affect the coffee’s flavor, so you can easily achieve a more pleasant taste experience with a bottled water.

Household water treatment

There are many possibilities for home water purification, we may use equipment of different sizes and configurations for this purpose. Probably the simplest is the water purifier which filters out the impurities and chlorine. According to the users, coffee made from filtered water is much better than the one made from tap water.



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