Tiramisu in a glass

Many people start the day with coffee. And this beverage is certainly a good „propellant” throughout the day. We represent 3 coffee sweets, which are certainly worth tasting:


One scoop of ice cream is put in a small bowl or cup, then it is poured with hot espresso. Its exact name is affogato al caffè or gelato affogato al caffè, literally “ice drowned in coffee”. The ice cream melts in your coffee. The dessert is eaten with a spoon. Different ice cream types may also be used, you can decorate it with foam or cocoa powder, but affogato can be ordered simply with vanilla ice cream.

This Italian specialty is a dessert with contrasts, between hot and cold, the bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of vanilla ice cream. Affogato is a dessert that can easily be improvised with common ingredients. A cup of coffee and an ice ball is enough to prepare it!



Some food historians claim that Éclair has a French origin: Antonin Careme (1784-1833) famous French chef created it first. Eclair is a French word for lightning. No one knows the exact origin. Many people swear by the fact that the name is based on the light fluffy dough and the foamy filling. Others compare it to fulgurite, which is a tubular, hollow formation, and springs from sand due to lightning bolts. The famous French Fauchon delicatessen and tea room is located behind the Madeleine Church in Paris, it was founded in 1886. Taking pains for the renewal of éclairs they launched the 28-inch donut called “Electroshock”, which is produced from three different types of chocolate filling. The first third is flavored with Tanariva milk chocolate (33 percent cocoa content). The second with Ashanti, which is an African cocoa bean mixture with 67 percent cocoa content. The Electroshock is completed with Albinao chocolate cream (85 percent cocoa content); its strong bitter taste gives robustness to the gigantic donuts. At the top, the white fondant is decorated with lightning zigzags.



The world-famous Italian sweet is derived from Treviso in Veneto by the Italian cuisine. The Tiramisu (in Italian: tiramisú) originates from the Venetian dialect and suggests that the coffee-flavored sweet “upheaves” the person who consumes it. The recipe of tiramisu was not included in Italian recipe books before the sixties and seventies.



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