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The passion of coffee was once regarded as an unhealthy addiction, but nowadays we already know that this conception is exaggerated. Researchers have proven that moderate consumption of coffee may have a positive effect on our bodies. We may think about coffee as a nutritional supplement, but the variety and the quantity do matter.

Coffee contains niacin, potassium, magnesium and manganese. But the most beneficial physiological effects of this beverage is due to its large antioxidant content.

A cup of coffee contains more than twice the amount of antioxidants as the same amount of green tea. And antioxidants are really necessary: they support the struggle of our bodies against the free radicals responsible for aging.

According to some studies, coffee may even protect the body from certain types of cancer. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which inhibits the absorption of glucose, thus helping in maintaining the ideal blood glucose levels while also blocking the evolvement of type 2 diabetes. Certain studies also claim that regular coffee consumption may ensure a protective effect against Parkinson’s disease and liver cirrhosis. These positive effects are not linked to caffeine, but other components, so those who love decaffeinated coffee can also benefit from these.

Brewed coffee in a cup

Coffee may also be useful during a slimming diet since it stimulates the metabolism of the organism, dismisses the stored fat while it’s caloricity is minimal, so it does not mean any plus calories when consumed without any added sugar or with sweetener. Green coffee is certainly more healthy than traditional coffee so it is the best choice for diets. Green coffee inhibits the imbibition of sugar, has a positive influence on the sense of hunger and boosts lipolysis.

Obviously, quantity and quality are important factors. The recommended daily allowance is three cups, which was defined by the score of caffeine content. Caffeine is certainly one of the most beneficial components of coffee, but decaffeinated coffees may also be helpful. Anyway, the main point is the quality base material. Thus, if we keep to the recommended amount, coffee drinking can only be to our advantage. However, as a matter of course, we should not even forget about sports and good nutrition if we want to avoid diseases.



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