According to the legend, coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder called Kaldi. He remarked that his goats became excited after crunching some uncommon red cherries from a tree. He became curious about this strange plant and he tested the beans: the rest is history…

The idea of selling coffee from a garage popped up in the head of Elana Rosenfeld in 1996. She started with her husband to roast coffee in their wain house in Invemere, B.C., Canada, which takes place in the Rocky Mountains. When the tempreature was very hot, they took off their clothes and only the underwears remained on. They worked so much that even their baby was there with them. They were tenaciously and recklessly experimentalizing. The results are the now widely known, amazing drinks, such as Kick Ass Coffee. This name relates to a legend of a Rocky Mountain explorer from 1858 who was kicked in the head by a horse. His mates believed him to be almost dead, but a cup of Kick Ass coffee allegedly revitalized him.  His legend lives on in the Kicking Horse Coffee.

In 1998, Kicking Horse Coffee signs on with Transfair Canada that starts to draw attention to the importance of Fair Trade Coffee. The demands begin to rise. In 2003, Kicking Horse transforms it’s profile into 100 % organic: they break with the conventional methods and start to acquire and roast only 100 % Certified Organic coffee beans. This progress culminates in 2007, when Kicking Horse creates a new standard: only 100% Certified Organic, Certified Fairtrade, even though they are still pressurized to obtain more green beans.

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Things start to get boots, in 2008 Kicking Horse opens a café. Now the world can enjoy their products in the company’s own shop, which provides an authentic experience for the real Kicking Horse aficionados. In 2009 Kicking Horse receives the prestigious first place on the list of Canada’s best Organic, Fairtrade coffees. The company is now 13 years old.

Kicking Horse coffee comes up with a new idea in 2014: they present their Ground Coffee, which allows the enjoyment of their speciality either for people who don’t possess any coffee grinders. This novelty also facilitates the process of coffee drinking for those who lack time. This freshly ground and scrupulously packaged coffee is really up to date!

Another notable achievement in 2015: Kicking Horse Coffee is honored with the title „Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade Product” and gets into the illustrious cirlce of the Top #15 Best Workplaces in Canada. In 2016, Kicking Horse celebrates it’s twentieth anniversary.

Ground Coffees of Kicking Horse

1. Hola Ground

This one is hot. Imagine a tropical storm arriving from the sea. It kicks you gently in the ass, and you will forget your conventional self immeadiately. Give me a high-five! With notes of brown sugar, rich nougat and cocoa powder, this will provide you an exquisite cup of coffee. It’s subtle and juicy acidity is matched up with a creamy body. Brew it with a drip machine or pour it over

2. Smart Ass Ground

This one is described as cheeky, bright and precocious by the company. A cup of Smart Ass Ground is ideal for starting your day. It’s chocolaty fabrication will inspire you in thinking wisely. Sweet syrup, vanilla bean and stone fruit can be found in it. When you taste it, you may feel the flavor of tart red currant and sugar cane. Pour-over drip brewing may be the proper way to prepare a cup of Smart Ass Ground.

3. Kick Ass Ground 

The sweet, smoky and audacious Kick Ass Ground is an outstanding mixture. It will literally kick you in the ass in the morning and fill you up with creative energies. It’s smoky, sweet vanilla and dark chocolate aromas will not disappoint you. Notes of chocolate malt, molasses and licorice may be also observed in this black drink. Use a drip machine to prepare it.

4. 454 Horse Power Ground

Velvety, earthy, spirited, 454 Horse Power Ground invokes power from the deepest regions. This is one of the most exceptional coffees of Kicking Horse, even aficionados will be enthusiastic about it. The cacao nibs and nutmeg aromas give a sop to cerberus. 454 Horse Power Ground is characterized by a heavy body, tobacco, and earthy notes. Pour-over drip brewing is recommended.

5. Three Sisters Ground

This trio will definitely be a good choice. The Three Sisters Ground pays tribute to the mighty Canadian Rocky Mountains. The blend of light, medium and dark roasts will provide a great tasting experience! The aromas of sweet dried fruit, toasted coconut and chocolate malt can be noticed, besides sweet tobacco, stone fruit and cocoa. Well-rounded and complex. Use a drip machine to take your swing.

6. Grizzly Claw Ground

Marked as Rich, Dark Chocolate, Decadent. Powerful roars of grizzlies in the mountains will come forward in this magical drink. You will feel mother nature’s spirit in the cup. The aromas of condensed sugar cane and cocoa powder occur here with notes of dark chocolate, cacao nibs, brown sugar and roasted hazelnut. Use a drip machine to make a cup of Grizzly Claw Ground.

Whole bean coffees of Kicking Horse

1. Hoodoo Jo

This powerful, robust and characteristic coffee will definitely rev you up. Aromas of berries and roasted almonds will appease you alongside the notes of blackcurrants and semi-sweet chocolate. A french press or a drip machine will be the ideal equipment for the preparation.

2. Pacific Pipeline

This full bodied, exotic coffee will remind you of the unending summer. Enjoy the perfect moment. The earthy, anise aromas will seduce you. Use a French Press or a drip machine to prepare a cup of this tasty drink.

3. Decaf

Dark, deep and tasty: this decaffeinated coffee has a really mellow finish. A Swiss Water Process was used for the decaffeination. Decaf’s aromas are characterized by a deep chocolate and a nutty complexity. Notes of roasted hazelnuts may be noticed too. Use a French press or a drip machine to make a cup of this outstanding coffee.



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