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Should Pregnant Women Drink Coffee?

Children exposed in utero to caffeine have a lower birth weight, according to a Swedish study published in the journal BMC Medicine. Several studies have already been carried out on the possible impact of caffeine on the future baby, without reaching a consensus. A major pitfall of this kind of work is the fact that… Keep Reading

Interesting coffee facts

The aroma of coffee contains more than 700 substances, and it is rich in caffeine. The original home of coffee is presumably Ethiopia. Coffee launched in the 15th century and came to Europe in the 16th century with the contribution of the Arabs. Today, it is one of the most popular drinks in the world.… Keep Reading

Something Else: RIP Coffee

No, in this case, RIP does not mean „Rest In Peace”, however, sipping a good coffee on your deathly bed may sound a good idea. In fact, the term means „Roastment in Parchment”, that is to say, the coffee bean is roasted while still in its parchment and then all is ground and brewed. When… Keep Reading

Coffee from Nicaragua

Only Arabica coffee is grown in Nicaragua. The production area occupying more than 100 thousand hectares takes place primarily in the northern and central areas of the mountains. The highest plantations (600-1500 m) of the Central American countries may be found here, for which the tropical climate and volcanic soil is favorable. So, the Nicaraguan… Keep Reading

Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

Any adult normally has already made at least one cup of coffee. It is consumed everywhere, and according to the number of Starbucks stores in the United States, we undoubtedly love caffeine. And that’s not bad. In fact, there are many benefits to being part of the majority of the population drinking coffee every day.… Keep Reading

Two Famous Coffee Museums

We will discuss two interesting coffee museums on two different continents. The first will be a museum of one of the great powers of coffee, Brazil. The other, also a prestigious museum, is in Austria. Brazil Coffee Museum (Museu do Café Brasileiro), Santos, São Paulo, Brazil This place is the stronghold of Brazilian coffee. Coffee… Keep Reading

Coffee in Literature

Madame de Sevigne thought that Racine and the coffee will be gone. But she proved to be wrong. It is quite clear that the dramatist and the black drink became immortal. Lovers of coffee Whether the beverage or the place, many writers, just as simple mortals, are lovers of coffee. Some like it hot, others… Keep Reading

Coffee’s Influence on the Different Art Forms

Can a drink be synonymous with aesthetics? The question may seem a little bit strange. Taking some artistic forms, coffee can turn out to be art in its own right, and in this sense, it seduces artists. Formerly, coffee inspired architects who dedicated places of consumption to it and it was at the center of… Keep Reading

The Story of Coffee in Hungary

Coffee came to Hungary with the Turks, but at that time the black drink was not that popular. The creation of coffee fashion is due to the Hungarian aristocrats and military officers who often paid a visit at the Viennese court. The first coffee house in Hungary The first Hungarian coffee house opened in 1714… Keep Reading

The Climate Change’s Effect On Coffee Production

World coffee production has more than tripled since the 1960s to supply the market with a value of $ 19 billion, with annual consumption continuing to increase by 5 percent per year. However, according to some studies, the size of the areas that are suitable for coffee cultivation will be halved until 2050. An australian… Keep Reading

Interesting Facts About Kenyan Coffee

According to experts, Kenya is one of coffee’s most reliable sources, due to stringent quality control system in Africa – and to the environmentally conscious cultivation of the shrubs with a low amount of chemicals. Here are some interesting facts about Kenyan coffee:       The 1800s, when it all started Although Kenya is a neighbor of… Keep Reading

Maid Café: an interesting phenomenon

In Japan, there are diverse and varied experiences that will meet everyone’s expectations. And one of the most famous around the world -especially in the area of ​​Otaku- remains the Maid Café. There are many theme cafés in Tokyo, and even throughout Japan. Alice in Wonderland, Schoolgirl Café, Alcatraz ER, Lock Up, Robot Restaurant, Gundam… Keep Reading

The Benefits of Coffee for the Skin

Coffee has become an important companion in the morning for many people, ideal for starting the day with energy thanks to its powerful stimulating effect. However, besides its revitalizing properties, coffee is a natural product that can also bring us benefits in the world of beauty. Indeed, topically, coffee and caffeine contain properties to improve… Keep Reading

The legend of Kicking Horse Coffee

According to the legend, coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder called Kaldi. He remarked that his goats became excited after crunching some uncommon red cherries from a tree. He became curious about this strange plant and he tested the beans: the rest is history… The idea of selling coffee from a garage popped… Keep Reading

Coffee drinking

Is Coffee Healthy for You?

Depending on who you ask, the coffee is either very harmful or super healthy beverage. There are a lot of good things to be said about coffee. It is high in antioxidants and linked to a reduced risk of many diseases, but also there is the dark side of it (like we are talking about… Keep Reading

The Story of a Coffee Bean

Ever wondered what is the story behind the coffee bean found in the local store that produces that morning kick with whom you start every morning? Well, let us look more closely. There are five steps in making coffee – growing and picking, milling, drying, parchment removal and roasting. The coffee bean you are looking… Keep Reading


Ever wondered what is the world’s strongest coffee? Well, the title of this article gives you the answer to that question. It is the death wish. They even came up with the name that cannot be better. A year is 2012 and a man called Mike Brown wanted to make the world’s strongest coffee. But… Keep Reading


Until the famous Boston Tea Party in 1773 -when several tons of tea was poured in the water of the harbor as a protest against the tax increases on tea-, the Americans used to consume tea (following the British traditions). Tea drinking no longer proved to be a patriotic act. From that point, the colonists… Keep Reading

Instant coffee granules

Instant Coffee

Ever wondered to whom you should be thankful because in the morning you can prepare the tasty cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds? Let us mention some of the people that developed and contributed the recipe of modern day instant coffee. History By some information, the first version of instant coffee was invented… Keep Reading

Coffee beans

Organic Coffee

Organic? What is organic? The question of organic food became very popular in the 21st century. In the developed countries the agriculture is based on the farming and breeding organic plants and animals. The demand for organic food is very high due to a realization of GMO products. The people are willing to pay the… Keep Reading

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