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Cappuccino, espresso, white coffee - what is your favourite coffee drinks? Read interesting articles about most interesting coffee drinks!

The Dude’s Favorite: White Russian

White Russian was created by Gustave Tops -a Belgian barman- in 1949, along with the black Russian, which is in fact a White Russian without any cream. So, the drink’s country of origin has nothing to do with it’s name. White Russian is a satisfying and rich drink blended from vodka, coffee liqueur, and light… Keep Reading

Solid Vigor: The Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee is a national drink in Vietnam, and is one of the things to enjoy in Vietnam. This is not surprising given the excellent quality of the coffee trees grown in the Central Highlands, especially the area around Buon Ma Thuot which undoubtedly produces the best coffee in Vietnam. The fertile soil and the ideal… Keep Reading

Coffee with hazelnut

Fast and Easy Coffee Drinks

You are in a hurry but cannot start your day without a fresh cup of coffee. Or you are enjoying a nice weekend and you want to dedicate a few minutes of your time in order to make a cup of coffee that will blow your mind. Let us check some recipes which prove that… Keep Reading

Cup of white coffee

Some Types of White Coffee

When we talk about white coffee, think about the black coffee with added milk. There are a lot of variations and types of this coffee, but some of the world’s most common are the following: café latte, café Au Lait, café Breva, café Macchiato, café Latte Fredo, café Mocha, espresso con Panna, espresso Granita, Frappe,… Keep Reading

Coffee, chocolate and cookies

Coffee and Chocolate

Both chocolate and coffee provide unique culinary experiences and is no coincidence that both products are so popular because they have a lot of common features. The main raw material for chocolate and coffee both grow in the tropics. Organic-rich soil, high rainfall and smooth and balanced, at least 17-20 ° C temperature is essential… Keep Reading

Canned Coffees

Canned Coffee

This type of coffee was invented by the Japanese back in 1969 and was first developed by a company called UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. The more significant impact in the world of canned coffee was made in 1973 when the Pokka Coffee was introduced and until 1983 this coffee maker shipped more than 100 million… Keep Reading

Traditional Vietnamese egg coffee

Egg Coffee

Believe it or not, this is the traditional coffee prepared In Vietnam from the egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Robusta coffee. This coffee has a lot of proteins and is considered as a little meal. So, what do you need in order to create this specific coffee? One egg, 3 teaspoons of Vietnamese coffee… Keep Reading

Baileys coffee

Liqueur Coffee

If you ever tried the Irish coffee you this recipe will be similar. This coffee is prepared similar to Irish, but instead of whiskey, you will need to add a shot of liqueur (Baileys is preferred). It is often served in a special liqueur coffee glass with the top of the rich cream. This coffee… Keep Reading

Cup of irish coffee

Irish Coffee

According to the legend, the first Irish Coffee was born in the southwestern port of Ireland, Foynes, in the early 1940’s. The café of the harbor was the first destination of the tired, frozen passengers arriving from the United States. The store employee Joe Sheridan invented the drink, which warmed both the body and the… Keep Reading

Café Bombon

Tasty but lesser-known coffees

Everybody knows cappuccino, latte macchiato or latte, even the ones who are not particularly versed in the world of coffees. However, there are many variations of coffee, which are not more complicated than these classics, are made of ordinary ingredients, but for some reason, they are less well known. Bombón Café The café bombón is… Keep Reading

Cup of decaffeinated coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee is a strange phenomenon, because most of us drink coffee for its stimulating effect, besides its aroma. Many people do not see the point and think that it is like alcohol-free beer: the essential is missing. But decaffeinated coffee may not be pointless. Many people do not consume caffeine due to health problems,… Keep Reading

Cup of flat white

Flat White

Richer than a latte, creamier than a cappuccino, but still carrying the real coffee aromas. This is Flat White, a real specialty for open-minded coffee lovers. A drink, which is a transition between strong, short blacks in the morning and the light lattes and cappuccinos of the afternoon. Maximum intensity, perfect softness. There are several… Keep Reading

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is the new craze of the Silicon Valley, the Wall Street and Hollywood. It is not an Italian style coffee, but it reached an enormous popularity in a very short time. Brokers, actors, power-seeking CEO’s started to use it because of it’s fat-reducing and IQ improving effects. Many consider it as a kind… Keep Reading

Cup of melange coffee

What is Melange?

How could we define melange? This is certainly not an easy task because there are many variants of this coffee type both in terms of appearance and preparation. There are already heated debates on how to write down the name („mélange” in a french way or simply „melange”). So if we order a melange or… Keep Reading

Cup of cold brew coffee

Cold brew: a mystery

When the weather becomes nice and the sun is shining, the season of cold coffees also arrives. Besides frappe and iced coffee, cold brew is available to drink too. This type of coffee is indeed cold brewed. Those who are more deeply interested in the topic may also try to prepare it at their home.… Keep Reading

Turkish coffee

Turkish Coffee

One of the ancestral homes of coffee is the city of Kaffa located in the southwest region of Abyssinia. The worldwide known namings, coffee, and caffeine are derived from the name of the city. It became known by the help of the Arabs from the 15th century. The Turks took it over from the Arabs,… Keep Reading

Cup of hot chocolate

The history of hot chocolate

Chocolate is a delicious aphrodisiac known long ago. Even Casanova took a few sip of hot chocolate before his sexual adventures to increase his appetite. It is full of happiness hormones, so we gladly turn to chocolate on a rainy, sad, lonely evening to cheer ourselves up. It is also inspiring for directors: the movie… Keep Reading


A little history The coffee as a subject is inexhaustible. There are many varieties consumed all over the world with similar passion. The strong Turkish coffee is hard to compare with the light American, which is drank in huge quantities by the Yankees. The tradition of coffee drinking is originated from the Arabs. The first… Keep Reading

The definition of cappuccino


The definition of cappuccino The cappuccino in a coffee-based drink that is made with espresso coffee and hot milk, the top covered with delicate milk foam. Cappuccino is most often prepared with an espresso machine, which is heated to about 70 °C temperature and is under a pressure of 0.7 to 1.0 atmospheres. The espresso… Keep Reading

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