We went west to check out The 10 Best Cafés of Miami then the Top 10 Cafés in Singapore in a completely different culture. Now it’s time to continue with Europe and explore one of her oldest cities – Prague. Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities and the capital of the Czechs Republic. Often referred as a “Rooftop of Europe”, Prague was a meeting point for many people such as merchants, artist, and inventors. But that’s not all we can (and should) say about this city.

Frist of all, you can not visit Prague and miss out on its beautiful architecture and sites. The beautiful Charles Bridge, which was built in the other half of the fourteenth century. Legend says that egg yolks were holding the stones together.

If you are all about nature type of traveler, you can spend your day walking down the wooded paths, mirror mazes and rose gardens that are located Petřín Hill, or you can enjoy the beautiful view from the Strahov monastery.

From cultural happenings you shouldn’t miss the famous Divadlo Minor, the largest puppet theater in the city that has its shows for all ages – whether you are a child or an adult, there is a place for you. One more thing you should try and visit is for sure is the John Lennon Wall that was built during the ’80s when students started to write John Lennon’s lyrics on a wall to show their grief.

Today this wall represents love and peace, and tourists are allowed to write on it too. When you get tired of all that sightseeing, you will have to take a rest in order to move on and enjoy this beautiful city. And, even though the Czech’s are famous for a culture that nourishes drinking beer, their amazing coffee shops are a thing you should definitely visit.

If you are not a “pub kind of person” there are still enough options for you to try out. That’s why we decided to recommend some for you. List of the best coffee shops in Prague is something we prepared, and something you should not miss out on.

10. Muj Salek Kavy

  • Address: Krizhikova 386/105, Prague 186 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  9:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Website: www.mujsalekkavy.cz/en/
  • Telephone: +420 725 556 944

This little café is located a little bit far away from the center. However, you can easily reach it by tram and it will take you only ten minutes. What that means is this place is not the “touristy” kind, it’s the one most known between locals so you will have the right “indigenous” experience when you come here.

Since it is quite popular among the locals, don’t be surprised if you come and find it completely full. That’s why you need to do your homework and reserve your spot immediately!

The interior of the café is made to be cozy and stylish. It’s full of colors, stocked with books, signs and simply designed furniture. The chairs and tables are pretty high so someone could find them uncomfortable because they are wooden and without cushions. Smokers should hold it a bit because this is a non-smoking café.

Muj Salek Kavy definitely knows how to prepare coffee properly. They are also certainly familiar with making espressos.  And to complete the experience, you should order some pineapple tarts or the pink pepper tart which they make with love. If you are hungry we can, without a doubt, recommend their poached egg or homemade bread with goat cheese.

We should warn you that the prices are a little bit higher in comparison to other places in Prague, especially considering that the café is not right in the center. The baristas are polite, attentive and at your service at every moment.

9. Café No.3

  • Address: Jakubska 676/3, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Website: www.facebook.com/CafeNo3.Prague/
  • Telephone: +420 602 255 918

Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in town that incarnates the medieval spirit of Prague, Café No.3 is the perfect place to sit and take a rest after a long walk through the city. If you are in the need for a place that can seat big company, this is probably not a good choice for you.

Café No. 3 has only three tables! But, on the other hand, this place is perfect for one on one dates on which you can have quiet and intimate conversations. This tiny café reminds us of those ones we can often find in movies about Paris. The décor does everything in its power to evoke past times.

It is far away from a modern design that sometimes makes it harder for you to relax and enjoy the day. Their chairs are so comfortable that you will get that desire to sit there all day in this beautiful little place.

We have to mention their coffee which is their own blend of Brasil and Ethiopia, the one that will wake up all your senses instantly. We would definitely recommend the cappuccino which makes the perfect combination of the right amount of coffee and rich milk, beautifully decorated with the late art.

On the other hand, if you are hungry you should try their tuna sandwich or fulfill your sweet tooth cravings with their perfect desserts. Don’t be shy and try to explore all possibilities of the adventurous city like Prague is. Without any doubt, Café No.3 with their coffee and cakes, as well as the overly friendly staff will make your experience better.

8. Bella Vida Cafe

  • Address: Malostranske Nabrezi, 3 | Mala Strana, Prague 11800
  • Working hours:  8:30 am – 9:00 pm
  • Website: www.bvcafe.cz/
  • Telephone: +420 723 993 993

Bella Vida Café is nestled in one of the oldest and the most beautiful parts of Prague. Its interior certainly tries to evoke the spirit of the past times. Big comfy chairs share space with the wooden ones making the perfect combination out of imperfect parts. From the moment you step inside, you will feel like you are at home and it looks like the owners wanted to achieve exactly this.

If you are hungry, Bella Vida Café can offer plenty for famished customers! Their omelet is fabulous and well prepared, and you have an option to order a fruit muesli with Greek yogurt that will give you the right amount of energy to continue your day. Or if you are just here for drinks and the view, you can have a nicely fresh squeezed lemonade or orange juice.

Their coffee is especially worthwhile. It’s prepared with care and their beans are carefully picked. We would recommend their strong coffees such as double espresso which will shake you up just enough and prepare you for the day ahead.

This place is for the ones who know how to enjoy life, the ones who know how to seize the moment and take an opportunity. Don’t be shy with this one and explore it

7. Cafe Lounge

  • Address: Plaska 615/8, Prague 150 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  7:30 am – 10:00 pm
  • Website: www.cafe-lounge.cz/
  • Telephone: +420 257 404 020

When you try to enter Café Lounge you will see the two benches with the flower pot in front of you. Everything from the entrance to the actual café screams: “Take a moment and relax”. This is not a place for a quick coffee; this is the place where people come to spend the whole evening or to spend a good portion of the day.

Interior of Café Lounge is a perfect combination of the rustic environment with the touch of modern times. With the wooden chairs and many photographs on the wall, Café Lounge invites you to enter into a completely new dimension, to enter a new world where time stops and everything else loses its significance.

They offer a lot –everything from wine to coffee and snacks. Their pork cutlet with mash and cabbage salad which is succulent and full of flavor will be one thing more to add to the list so you can visit Prague more often.

But if you are more of a coffee person, then you definitely have to try their cappuccino, with a rich and strong taste flavored with milk and perfectly executed latte art. Regarding coffee, one thing you shouldn’t miss is their coretto coffee with a small portion of chardonnay, which will fulfill the needs of those with a picky taste.

Café Lounge is the perfect place to visit whether you are a tourist or a local. Don’t hesitate to go out of your comfort zone, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

6. Cafe Ebel

  • Address: Retezova, 255/9, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Website: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/
  • Telephone: +420 603 823 665

You will find Café Ebel in one of the oldest parts of Prague, Stare Mesto, or how people like to call it in Prague’s “medieval heart”.

This coffee shop is cozy and very inviting, and its interior has an eclectic match of wooden chairs and table that go along with antique furniture and various wall art. The staff of this intimate café is very attentive and welcoming, ensuring that your experience here is a remarkable one.

Café Ebel is specialized in fresh Arabica coffee which is imported around the globe and roasted by the staff of Café Ebel, every week. If you are up to strong coffee with a little bit of a sour taste, then this is a right place to be when in Prague. Also, you will have a chance to try their great mulled wine and homemade tea.

If you find yourself famished, but near Café Ebel, do not hesitate to try one of the things on their small, but carefully made menu. They offer breakfast, warm and tasteful bagels and desserts such as cheesecake.

If you decide to visit Café Ebel, you won’t be sorry and we guarantee that experience would worth every penny spent.

5. Chocoffee

  • Address: Spalena 8/80 | between Karlovo square and Narodni street, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Website: www.chocoffee.cz/cz/
  • Telephone: +420 722 641 925

If you are a sweets addict, then Chocoffee is the right place for you. People in this café say that they serve the best hot chocolate in Prague, and this is, without a doubt, the best chocolate you will taste while visiting this lovely city.

The acidy taste of real hot chocolate will definitely blow your mind because it tastes like nothing “chocolatey” you’ve tasted before. Their Belgian chocolate is also served poured over delicious homemade waffles as well as in glass with toppings made of fresh fruit and even salty pretzels.

Chocolate enthusiasts will have to try their edible pots that come in three different sizes and a big menu of the sides to add on it. The coffee is not their main “thing” here, but if you decide just to take a sip of their espresso, you won’t be disappointed.

The staff in Chocoffee is attentive, polite and at your service. The environment is cozy and the walls painted in bright and cheerful colors will make your experience even better.

4. Cafe-Cafe

  • Address: Rytirska 406/10, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  9:30 am – 11:00 pm
  • Website: www.facebook.com/pages/CafeCafe/
  • Telephone: +420 224 210 597

Café-Café is located in the old part of Prague conveniently called The old place or “Staré Město”. It is very hard to miss and a good place to relax after visiting the communism museum for instance which is situated not far from it.

With its unusual interior, Café-Café is the perfect place to grab a drink or to have a nice meal, while enjoying the view. Their chairs might look uncomfortable, but they are far from it. The moment you sit at one of their wooden tables you will be mesmerized by their high ceiling and wall art that is all way across the café.

The polite and attentive staff will be here to make your experience more enjoyable and they will at any time jump to recommend you the right coffee or a cake that will perfectly match your preferences. As for the food, we would advise you to take their avocado sandwich which will stay in your memory for a long time.

We can recommend their white coffees which are perfectly made by their baristas.  This coffee shop may be on the more expensive side but the type of service you will get here will worth every penny.

3. Cafe Louvre

  • Address: Narodni 1987/22, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  8:00 am – 11:30 pm
  • Website: www.cafelouvre.cz/
  • Telephone: +420 224 930 949

Café Louvre is, first of all, a café with a history. This is one of the well-known cafes in Prague, all that because they first opened it in 1902, and famous names like Franz Kafka stopped by to grab a cup of coffee or two. If you think Albert Einstein was immune to the charms of Café Louvre, you are wrong.

Café Louvre is certainly a nice place to stay for a few hours, and enjoy coffee and cake or to indulge yourself with a billiard game with a cold beer in your hand.

Café Louvre will offer you a breakfast every day with a wide selection of dishes to fulfill all your wishes. As the day goes by, the choice of food gets even broader including vegetarian dishes and salads, and goulash for those ones who won’t give up on meat.

On the other side, if you are beer fanatic, café Louvre will meet your expectations and you will have the opportunity to drink homemade Czech beer that is so good that you won’t find similar elsewhere.

The broad assortment of coffee will meet the needs of every customer, and we can definitely recommend their Americano that has a strong and a rich taste that will for sure spice up your day and make it better if you are into coffee.

If you are a fan of historical cafes, you shouldn’t miss this stop and check out Café Louvre.

2. Ema Espresso Bar

  • Address: Na Florenci 1420/3, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Website: http://www.emaespressobar.cz/
  • Telephone: +420 730 156 933

What you need to have in mind if you want to visit this café is that this is, in essence, an espresso bar – a place where you can order good coffee to go, or a place where you can sit and enjoy your morning’s cup of coffee. But in addition to the coffee, Ema Espresso Bar offers homemade traditional Czech baked sweets.

Unlike other places around the globe, this café doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection. Instead of browsing through the internet, you are forced to enjoy the ”here” and the “now” in order to really feel and get a sense of what you are offered.

Their skilled baristas are ready to meet any of your wishes, and will gladly give you advice on what coffee you should take and how to drink it. This café turned making of coffee on to a whole new different level. Their airy interior with a lot of natural light will make your experience and stay there, more enjoyable, so don’t hesitate to go and grab a drink while you are in Prague.


1. Artisan Cafe & Bistrot

  • Address: Vejvodova 445/1, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
  • Working hours:  11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Website: http://artisancafe.cz/en/
  • Telephone: +420 602 727 734

Artisan Cafe & Bistrot is located in the very center of Prague, in Vejvodova Street which is not far from Old Town and famous Charle’s Bridge. Its interior sends a strong vibe of old times, back in the day when our grandparents were young.

The wooden tables are covered with tablecloths and you can see a big showcase of various displayed cakes and sweets. Their cakes and pies are so delicious, and even with one glance at them, your mouth will be watery.

If you are not, on the other hand, a sweets addict, one thing you shouldn’t skip is their coffee. Perfectly blended coffee seeds are here to make your espresso experience richer, and if you are a caffeine fan, then their double espresso will for sure meet all your needs.

This place is for the ones who know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. This place breeds an attitude that invites all people to loudly express their needs and loudly shout: “I deserve it”.


This is our pick of 10 best coffee shops in Prague. We were lead by the experience of many people who went there and shared their thoughts, mixed with our own. We picked the best of the best to meet the high standard of our readers.

Please comment and share if you found this interesting and bellow you will find many interesting articles on which cafes you should visit while traveling. If the road takes you to other European cities we can recommend The Top 10 Cafés of Berlin, Germany and The Top 11 Cafés of Vienna, Austria.



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