Sugar, milk and a cup of coffee

The coffee contains active ingredients and we should take this fact into consideration. We should consume it accordingly. We get the essential energy from nutrients containing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Actually, coffee does not include many of these important materials, because 99 % of coffee is water.

However, we still drink this beverage for the remnant 1 %. More precisely for caffeine, which is the primal component of coffee, it’s stimulating effect gives our body a starting impulse in the morning. But just as every detersive containing active agents, coffee also holds risks, besides its unequivocal advantages.

We have to know, what are these risks. And we also have to know, what is coffee for. So we are better off if we do not use coffee as a food supplement or as a source of power. Coffee without a doubt is a stimulating drink which makes our body more effective but does not nourish or build it.

Making fresh coffee

The other important thing is moderatism. We should not consume too much coffee redundantly because in this case our body will be overloaded instead of being stimulated. The liver will hardly process the surplus caffeine thus it will cause intoxication. Thus may result in fervid palpitations, diseasedness, sweat or faint.

We should neither forget about the appropriate moment and location for consuming our coffee. Bad coffee-drinking habits as drinking coffee on an empty stomach will result in bigger discomfort. These may cause stomach ulcer and vascular diseases.

So the possibilities of coffee drinking may be well utilized if we take the active agent in the appropriate quantity and in the right moment. It is not in dispute that the opportunities provided by coffee are fascinating: no accident that billions of people grab it day by day.

The experience of coffee is stimulating. We drink it at home, at our workplace, but the most appropriate location for its enjoyment is a coffee shop or a coffee house. Here we may link the pleasure of coffee consumption with particular social activities. People influence each other here in a stimulating way. This social coffee drinking habit is different in various countries and continents. We are lucky, that we have such a diverse world!



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