A real wonder substance

Coffee grounds should not be wasted, because it may be used in many different ways. In fact, coffee grounds is a real wonder substance and it is definitely more valuable than to throw it out in the trash. It can be diversely recycled. I would suggest you not to waste it henceforward. Actually, coffee grounds works very well in the garden: if you spread it amidst the plants, it will protect them from ants, snails, and slugs. Moreover, if we mix it with orange peels, there is a good chance that cats neither will harm the vegetation.


Coffee grounds is also suitable as an invigoration for plants. If we plan to plant hortensia, roses, azalea or other herbs that demand acidic soils, we should not neglect coffee grounds as a chemical fertilizer, since it enriches the soil with nitrogen and potassium. All you have to do is mix it with grass clippings, tree leaves or straw and nourish the roots of the plants.

Planting a seed


In the case, if you do not need coffee grounds at the moment, it may become useful later. Just sprinkle it on the compost, it will mix up well to compose a qualitative, nutrient-dense commodity and you may use it as black soil. Carrot lovers will be pleased if they put coffee grounds to the soil before planting the vegetable because it will grow bigger. And also will it keep away the mentioned wrong-doers before eating up all our favorites.

Cleaning agent

Another advantage to mention is coffee ground’s adaptability as a cleaning agent. If we put it on a cleaning mop, coffee grounds will remove scrapings stuck on the dishes, while it won’t be harsh to the material and the surface of the dishes without leaving any scratches.

Coffee grounds will also stand it’s ground during the winter months since it can be really useful in the cleaning of the chimney. We should just sprinkle it into the interior of the fireplace, thus preventing the formation of ash-clouds (coffee grounds will suppress the ash by gravity which will be thus by the way easier to scoop up).

Christmas aromatizer

We had no idea but coffee grounds can also make a good service at Christmas! We can make candles from this versatile substance. All we need is a few old candle pieces to merge in a stewpan, a tinder, and a glass that we will use to mix the molten wax and the grounds. The result will be a candle emanating pleasurable coffee aromas. This will certainly boost the atmosphere of the feast.



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