When we talk about the stable family one of the first synonyms that come into the mind is unity. The same feature is necessary for the success of the company. So, by the words of the many, the most successful companies are the family companies. So your father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, grandfather is not just your family member. He/she is also your colleague. Also, if the family is united, stable, confident the success of the company is guaranteed.

So in this article, we will talk about the company that produces coffee and also about one of their products which became the best seller coffee on Amazon.

San Francisco Bay – gourmet coffee

This company was founded back in 1979 by the hand of the Rogers Family and today it became one of the most popular American companies when it comes to the coffee production. They use Arabica coffee, the family secret method of roasting in order to create one of the most special flavored coffee. Also, this company keeps up with the modern time and their product is available to be purchased online and be delivered to your doorstep.

This company has a very respectful reputation. This company and the community that this company represents has a special program in which they are taking measures in order to prevent the massive loss of forest in the country in which coffee trees are grown (Brazil for example). Also, they don’t only import the coffee beans, they are also the owners of 6 organic coffee farms (three in Panama and three in Mexico).

Also, quality to price ratio is more than excellent and their products are 100 % biodegradable.

San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee

One cup? What is this?

This is one of the most famous products of this company. It is a single patron, which with the help of the special device called brewer, produces a single cup of coffee. Ideal for coffee lovers that are in the rush all the time.  They have coffee filters holding the beans in, instead of plastic(you need to be careful when you store them because they can dry out and the best way of preventing this is to keep them sealed in the vacuum container).On the official site of the company, you can find the waste amount of one cup coffee. From a decaf to flavored, organic to premium, from a box containing 10 single patrons to the box containing 80 single patrons. The choice is yours.

The most popular are the Fog Chaser, and the package with the 80 single patrons of coffee has a title of the best seller coffee on Amazon (with a total 4.5 out of 5 stars from 26.734 votes). The name is symbolic because it is so good that it lifts the morning fog. It is the bearer of a certificate called the fair trade and which includes that the producer of that coffee imports the coffee beans directly from farmers in the country in which the coffee tree is grown at a fixed price that is not less than 1.31$ for a pound of coffee. The taste of this coffee has a very specific, full flavor, with no acidic or burnt undertones and no bitter aftertaste, so in general, this coffee isn’t too strong, but not weak tasting also. The cup of this coffee will clear your head and get you ready to roll. At this point, the package with the 80 single serve coffee costs 24$ (on Amazon) which is 0.3 $ per cup. At a supermarket you can get 18 patrons for 10 $ which is around 0.61$ per cup, so you will save more than double.

So, let us make a conclusion. For a decent price, you will get the tasty dark coffee with a specific taste, in a revolutionary patron, made from eco-friendly materials which are way better for the planet from the standard plastic ones. The company which produces them also takes care of nature and support the program of saving the rainforest in South America. And for a lot of us, the most significant characteristic is that the cup of coffee is ready in a few seconds. So you have the beautiful tasting cup of coffee which is ready in no time. The perfect connection!



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