Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica evokes a lot of positive associations in us, good weather, peaceful music and beautiful women on the beach. Not to mention one of the most valuable coffees in the world, the world famous Blue Mountain, which gives a lot of pleasure to the coffee lovers. The stock market value of this coffee is twenty times of the normal coffee. Its unique flavor is characterized by a mellow aroma and a slightly nutty, soft flavor. James Bond, the famous character of the brilliant spy stories also appraises, not to mention the Japanese emperor.

Jamaica’s climate is humid and it’s high altitude areas makes it the perfect place for growing high-quality coffee. True to its name, Jamaican Blue Mountain is grown in the foggy, bluish Blue Mountain (which by the way also inspired the name of a record label founded by Chris Blackwell). The annually harvested beans are grown over 900 meters and are selected one by one, manually. The coffee cherries are immediately deprived of flesh after harvest, this ensures the typically mild flavor.

Blue Mountains in Jamaica

The British naturalized coffee production in Jamaica, in the first half of the 18th century. This was also the beginning of the Blue Mountain coffee’s career. However, it only became famous when Japanese investors began to deal with the growing area in the late 60’s. The Japanese market was always open to specialties, so they began to pay a high price for the extra quality coffee. In fact, 90% of the total yield is bought up by the land of the rising sun.

Coffee lovers should become familiar with this special variety, but it is important to buy from a reliable source because there are many fakes on the market. It is interesting also that this coffee is transported in barrels, unlike other varieties that are expedited in coffee bags.



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