While investigating the coffee culture of Tokyo, we’ve found some pretty awesome and modern places, but now it’s time to dive into the Indian culture and find out a bit more about Delhi! Coffee is not a native species in India.

Most coffee plantations are located at a low altitude. Pollution, overpopulation and nutrition cause a lot of problems in this country, so sustainability is a very important issue to keep in mind on coffee and tea plantations.

According to the legend, hundreds of years ago, when India was ruled by the Muslim Mogul Empire, a monk, Baba Budan got acquainted with coffee in Mocha, a town on the shore of the Red Sea. He learned the ins and outs of roasting and the habits of coffee consumption during his pilgrimage to Mecca. When he started back to his homeland, he smuggled seven coffee beans in his belt.

All of India’s coffee shrubs sprung from these beans, as the tale says. The typical Indian coffee specialty is called Monsooned Malabar. This coffee is prepared with the monsoon process, whereby coffee beans are stored in the well-ventilated warehouse open for months in the Monsoon period so that the humid air coming from the ocean can pass them through.

The coffee beans become yellowish at the end of ripening, their acidity decreases and their aroma is transformed into a velvety, spicy flavor. Generally, Indian coffee is full bodied and round, has a low acidity and a soft taste. It is often characterized by light and spicy flavors. They are really delicious with a little cardamom or chai tea. We gathered the top 10 Delhi cafés:


10. Mister Chai Restaurant

  • Address:  19 Ashoka Road | Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, India
  • Telephone: +91 11 4119 1020
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: http://www.shangri-la.com

If you are looking for a Delhi café where you can spend quality time with your kids and your family, Mister Chai Restaurant may be the right choice with its calm surroundings. It is also perfectly suitable for business meetings, Manisha and Babli do an excellent job here.

Karuna, the representative will explain how to taste coffee, while also providing some knowledge about the subject. The ambiance is immersive, the uniformed service is impeccable, they try to approach the classic hotel restaurants from a new perspective. The relaxing music will blow your mind!

The foods are delicately balanced, you can try a lot of exciting flavors here: colaba fish and turkey sandwich, snacks, samosa, tacos, corn behl puri, stuffed gol gappa, chaat. Namkeen Dabba, Chili Cheese, Punjabi Original are also worth a try. The kids will love the shakes, the pastries and the cakes (duo musse cake is praticularly delicious!).

They also offer a wide variety of teas, the presentation is very unique. Orange ginger punch should not be missed. If you arrive in the evening, you can get a happy hours discount on bakery products. We highly recommend this awesome restaurant! Do not miss this Delhi coffee house if you spend time in Delhi.


9. Red Brick Cafe Restaurant

  • Address:  19 Ashoka Road | Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, India
  • Telephone: +91 99900 01485
  • Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM Mon: closed
  • More information about the coffee house: www.tripadvisor.co.uk

You will love the atmosphere of this little, cozy Delhi café located near the Karol Bagh area of Delhi. It is like a peaceful oasis in the teeming city, but it is not easy to find it (do not miss the signs). They offer international dishes to a high standard, so if you temporarily want something else like Indian food, you will find alternatives here.

The place is owner managed – the owner is called Jashan, who is committed to healthy food and is a Hotel Management graduate from Taj Hotels and perhaps that is the reason why the restaurant does so well. They are really attentive, which is rare in the fast food world: you will find a note on the parcel box that advises heating the meal before eating at home. They pay attention to the tiny details, the staff is great.

Be sure to taste the cakes (such as red velvet cake), they are really delicious! Ask for one of the best coffees in India, and you will get a little slice of carrot on the side. The experts brew it with the right ingredients and machine. Pasta and toasties will not disappoint you either. We fully recommend Red Brick Cafe Restaurant, you must try it during your Delhi trip!


8. L’Opera Restaurant

  • Address:  Shop No. 5B, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India
  • Telephone: +91 11 4353 8900
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 8.00 AM to 11.00 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: http://loperaindia.com

L’Opera Restaurant is certainly not the most wallet-friendly place in Delhi, but the quality will recompense you. This excellent French bakery is situated in Khan Market, at the far end of Padam Singh Road. They are best known for the delicious macarons; the place gives you a feel of European café with its classy interior and peaceful surrounding.

There is not much space, but takeaway is possible. If you are keen on French, this place was invented for you, the ambiance is comfortable, everything is clean. The service is impeccable, they will explain every item that you enquire about.

Excellent coffee, excellent pastries, and quiches. You should definitely taste the salted caramel macaron, the raspberry macaron, and the coffee macaron. Blueberry cheesecake is also delicious, the teas are so special!

Not to mention the sandwiches and fruit preserve that you can take home. Caesar salad, chili paneer falafel, and the hummus is also worth a try. But be careful not to eat too much, because the desserts are also awesome. You have to leave space for them too, though it won’t be easy. I’m sure I would not miss it if I went to Delhi. L’Opera Restaurant is highly recommended.


7. Rose Cafe Restaurant

  • Address:  2 Westend Marg | Near Saket Metro Station, Saidullajab, Saket, New Delhi 110002, India
  • Telephone: +91 98100 88762
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: https://www.facebook.com/rosecafenewdelhi

There are no words to express the enchanting ambiance of Rose Cafe, this tiny Delhi coffee shop located near the Garden of Five Senses. The pastel colors and the flowers contribute a lot to the uplifting of your mood, the exterior is rose colored. When you enter, you will feel as if you were into another world, they pay close attention to the details.

This place is really worth capturing, so don’t forget to bring your camera!   No wonder that it attracts so many young people, but that means it is difficult to find a place… The cafe is located on the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road, which is not the best possible location. You can sit both inside and outside, the garden is lovely, covered with Bougainville.

The service is excellent. I would surely bring my family or my friends here. The Italian-inspired menu is enthralling, full of tasty food options: soups, pasta, tarts, pizzas, spaghettis, snacks. Desserts are also worth mentioning: the chocolate fudge cake and the vegan pumpkin cake will leave you speechless.

You should try the shakes, (for example the gelato toffee shake) which are prepared with the perfect amount of ice and milk. Rose Café Restaurant is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the best Delhi cafés.


6. Triveni Terrace Cafe Restaurant

  • Address:  205 Tansen Marg | Opposite Ficci Auditorium, Mandi House, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, India
  • Telephone: +91 99715 66904
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: https://www.zomato.com

Triveni Terrace Café Restaurant is an old-school restaurant with dishes reminding you of home food. This charming Delhi café located at the Triveni Kala Sangam premises is run by the Cafe Lota management. The queues can be long, but this is a timing issue: if you arrive before or after lunch, the problem is solved.

The energetic vibe and the lively ambiance makes it perfectly suitable for a hangout with friends or your lover, however, the temperature can be very hot on summer days, so it’s rather worth visiting during the winter. The place is basically the favorite of journalists and lawyers, prices are quite reasonable. Just sit down and listen to the conversation from neighboring tables.

The outdoor setting is gorgeous with green grass. The menu is really exciting – though simple – with good old home-style food options (purana ghar ka khana). Taste Keema parantha with curd, then order a special ginger and date cake.

Shammi kebab and apple pakora are also delicious, not to mention the keema matar, the chicken curry, the paneer dishes and the dal. A wide variety of beverages and snacks are available too. We highly recommend this awesome little Delhi coffee shop, we advise you not to miss it.


5. Kitchen Cafe Roof Top Restaurant

  • Address:  5043 Main Bazaar Road | Hotel Shelton, New Delhi 110055, India
  • Telephone:  +91 11 4182 4386
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: http://www.kitchencafe.in/

Kitchen Café Roof Top Restaurant is the perfect Delhi café to get away from the chaos of the Main Bazar with your family or your friends. You can have an amazing view if you get a table by the edge. It is located on the 4th floor of Hotel Shelton in Paharganj, the staff is really polite and attentive (Megha, the waitress is really supportive), the interior is clean and tidy.

If your stomach is already slightly loaded with Indian food and you have stomach flu, here you can soothe it with a European continental breakfast, which is less spicy. Chinese and Italian dishes are also available. Prices are not too high; a pool table is available if you are in the mood for playing.

Chicken Tikka Massala, Israeli salad, naan, roti, veggie pizza, amazing coffees… But no alcohol. Papaya and mango smoothies should not be missed, not to mention the fantastic pancakes. The impeccable coffee is prepared by the professional barista, Mr. Dev. Pineapple juice and the ginger honey tea is delicious.

Kitchen Cafe Roof Top Restaurant will be a mesmerizing experience, that should not be missed. Visit it while you are staying in Delhi, it is one of the coolest Delhi cafés.


4. Keventers Restaurant

  • Address:  Clubside | nehru road, Darjeeling, India
  • Telephone: +91 354 225 6542
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: https://www.facebook.com/Keventers

Just walk down to Nehru Road in the famous chourasta of Darjeeling and you will find this cozy, old-school coffee shop with an amazing city view on Kanchanjunga from the rooftop seating area. Your friends and your family will definitely appreciate it if you invite them for a late breakfast or a brunch.

Many celebrities are turning up here, such as Satyajit Ray and Ranbir Kapur. No wonder, since the quality is very good, and the ambiance is immersively nostalgic. They put a great emphasis on heritage and quality. However, the queue can be long enough, so you have to choose the ideal time for arriving.

The menu is available in English, the staff also speaks the language well and they are really polite. Pork Frankfurters, chicken hotdog, snacks, burgers, chicken sausage with egg, sandwich and cheese omelet… Omelette is loaded with a heap of cheese. Paired with a good cup of coffee… Perfect!

They also have pork and chicken platter mixed with sausage, egg, salami, ham, meat loaf, and toasted bread. A wide variety of deserts, shakes, teas, and coffees is available. The portions are really big, sometimes it is even enough for two people. An absolutely must try Delhi coffee shop!


3. Big Chill Restaurant

Big Chili Restaurant is located in the posh Khan market area. The interior is decorated with lots of 70’s and 80’s Hollywood movie posters (James Bond, Breakfast at Tiffany’s etc.), the ambiance is charming. The menu is large, they offer the best Italian and other dishes in Delhi.  Reservation is not available, so you better go there earlier, because the queue can be very long.

However, the experience is worth the effort. The perfect place for a Sunday lunch. The prices are a little bit high compared to the Indian average. The Baked Parmesan Chicken (stuffed with parmesan cheese and spinach), the Portuguese Piri Piri chicken (a spicy one) and the Chicken Florentine (with the white creamy sauce of cheese, garlic, and Italian seasoning) are really delicious!

Just as the pasta with pesto, the cannelloni, and the pizzas. Dishes are served with bread and saute vegetables, mushrooms, spinach, and dips. Exciting! The dessert and the shakes are also awesome!

The portions are very correct. Mississippi mud pie, the rich chocolate cake, the blueberry cheesecake and the rum infused tiramisu are definitely a must try, the latter will satisfy the cravings of all the chocolate lovers! You should definitely visit this place during your stay in the Indian capital city.


2. Glenz Cafe & Bakers Restaurant

  • Address:  5/2 West Extension Area Saraswati Marg | Opposite Swati Hotel, New Delhi 110005, India
  • Telephone:  +91 88022 44786
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: https://www.facebook.com/GlenzCafe

This little, funky, cozy Delhi coffee house with it’s cool and lovely decor is located in Karol Bagh, but it is not easy to find: the streets are not signposted very well. Very relaxing place, because it is away from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Delhi.

Here you can change from Indian food if you already had enough of it, free wi-fi is available, the prices are reasonable. Service is excellent, the staff is very friendly and polite, the chefs work in a little kitchen. Perfect place to have a great time with your friends, the music is very good and entertaining.

You could die for their milkshakes. Order an English Breakfast from the western menu and your day will start pleasantly. The baked beans and the Bandit burger are amazing! The desserts should also be tasted, especially the nutella/banana and ice cream pancake. Flush it down with an oreo shake.

Here you can drink one of the best coffees in India made by a competent barista, who knows how to use the coffee machine well. The Glenz latte is particularly fine, it is a must try! Sometimes you have to wait a little bit, but it is worth it. We definitely recommend this place, don’t miss it when you are in Delhi.


1. Cafe Lota Restaurant

  • Address:  Bhairon Road, Near Pragati Maidan Metro Station, New Delhi 110001, India
  • Telephone:  +91 78389 60787
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • More information about the coffee house: https://www.facebook.com/CafeLota

This marvelously characteristic Delhi coffee house is run by The Melting Pot company. It is located in the crafts museum. The folk art on the walls is awesome, you can also find exhibitions and galleries in the place. They offer pan-Indian contemporary delicacies – with an attention to details and presentation – on a reasonable price.

The service is excellent, the music is soulful. However, the valley parking is quite expensive, so it is better to come by foot. It’s the vegetarian and non-vegetarian signature dishes that make this cafe so special. These tell it apart from other Indian restaurants in the city. They obviously know how to use the spices.

Assamese Black Chicken with Tingmo bread and the Odisha special Shrimp Curry are definitely a must try. The Kesar Lassi and the Kokam are also delicious. The Banana Walnut cake as a dessert is impeccable.

You should also try the bapa dhoi, the artisan coffee, the kathal biryani and the palak chat… Not to mention the kathal (jackfruit) biryani, the chicken pasinda and the prawn fry. Amazing lineup! Cafe Lota Restaurant is definitely one of the gems in the Indian capital city. It would be a serious sin to miss this Delhi coffee house! A must try.



India is becoming a world-class market for coffee and coffee shops. Such a perspective would have seemed absurd 15 years ago when tea reigned as a national drink. Indian tea – served with plenty of milk and sugar – obviously remains the number one beverage and is universally present in the streets and the little restaurants of the country.

But coffee spread quickly, driven by the new lifestyles of a middle class eager for novelty, sophistication and Western consumer products. India became an exciting new field for coffee culture, which is worth exploring. We encourage you to do so. It may hide a lot of surprises for you.

If you are seeking for more of these cafés, let’s continue our trip and discover The Best Coffee Houses in Mumbai, an even bigger metropolis of India!



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