Although discovering The Best Cafés of Manila was indeed an alluring exotic experience, let’s now head over to something completely different and investigate the Indian culture a bit more. The city Mumbai, known as Bombay before 1995, is a great port city situated on the west coast of the Indian peninsula. Mumbai is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India.

Mumbai is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India. A cafeteria is a type of food service place in which there is little or no waiting staff table service, whether a restaurant or within an institution such as dining hall.

This popular Mumbai city has so many kinds of café such individual charm and character. You will be enfolded by the warm and cozy atmosphere and the intoxicating aroma of fresh café in Mumbai with its hospitality. The environment is intimate and friendly.

Sassy cocktail bars and after-hours clubs, in Mumbai’s glamorous set, where kitten heels and strappy tops are uniform for the night. Here I mentioned top ten café in Mumbai, not by accordingly rating, may be some café are not mentioned within the same category, compatible with price and taste. Every café has different characteristics on their own.

10. Taj Mahal Tea House

Finally, a tea house with character and charm that makes you want to sink into a chair with a good book and a warm pot of tea. Nice, well-decorated heritage house with a colonial atmosphere, you have to wait a bit to get a Parsi tea. It is the sister concern of Tajmahal Tea in India.

Service is excused for the lovely decor and simplicity with which this place is made up. Malabari Vanilla Coconut Tea, Smoky Mountain Tea delightfully amazes you with its fragrant, flavorful and taste. Savory waffle sandwich was pretty. Ideally a perfect blend for a Tea Connoisseur.

Kesar Elaichi Tea was milk and had strong flavors of Kesar (Saffron) and Elaichi (Cardamon). The burn mask is simply outstanding and the service is very helpful and efficient. The atmosphere is so homely that you don’t feel awkward at all to start up a chat with someone.

People would surely visit again and again for some of that yummy Malabari Vanilla coconut Tea. You always wanted to go to this place but it always seems so crowded from the outside but definitely attracts you to come and check in. You would have never imagined this to be such a lovely outcome.

9. Momo café

  • Address: Andheri Kurla Road, Near Mumbai International Airport | Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai (Bombay) 400059, India
  • Phone Number: +91 22 6136 9999
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: 24/7

It’s a part of Marriott chain. Contemporary restaurant features delicious international cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Start your day with an excellent buffet, or stop by in the evening and watch the chefs work in the open kitchen swiftly.

If you’re in the Mumbai Airport area for work, you’ll appreciate this Mumbai cafe. Select from a wide range of menu options at your leisure: the cafe bar offers ready-made sandwiches, desserts and pastries, chocolate, various coffees, tea, and water. Enjoy your authentic Thai food right here in this signature hotel restaurant. Savor a blend of fresh ingredients, combined to create an awesome meal.

The staff is excellent. Food is quite tasty and delicious, they tend to serve quality food. The ambience is great for meetings or to chill out with friends and relatives. Fortunately, everything about the Momo Cafe is exceptional. It was clean and stylish with excellent service where you have lunch.

The food was beyond good and great value for money and service. Here you really feel at home. Chef made special food, wants to show you what he can do, he demonstrated that he is really a good chef. I am sure this is the best food you can get in Mumbai.

8. JW Café

  • Address: Ia Project Road | Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (Bombay) 400049, India
  • Phone Number: +91 22 2853 8888
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: 24/7

No need to talk about JW chain hotel management all over the world, since it maintains all terms of facility and quality. Don’t need to compromise at all. This is its newly opened hotel which is strategically located in the heart of the city. Service is perfect, the staff is well mannered and pleasant to customers. Hoping to visit again soon.

It is the best Buffet Dinner you would have in a long time. Everything is perfect, you have never seen so much variety of food in a single buffet. It ranged from Japanese to Arabian and Indian to Thai: all perfectly blended under one roof. They are also offering a mouthwatering lemon grass ice cream which is the specialty of the house.

And the rate is very much deserving for what they are offering or you would say maybe it’s less. Reservations are suggested. The restaurant’s ambiance is superb with the high ceiling and well width table arrangement. You will be offered a sofa seating in the Square – a part of the restaurant and it was great. Pork belly, fish in tomato sauce, chicken with pasta and pepperoni pizza are fantastic.

You can start with the masala omelet with cheddar and move on to cream cheese with a side of fresh watermelon juice. Alaskan crab, prawns, lobster are just out of the world. Fresh crisp steamed and lightly flavored in natural sauces – even a cautious seafood eater just could not stop.

The sushi counter had a choice of six sushi. Finally, the desserts have no recollection of the haze of cheesecakes, strudels, pies, ice creams, churros, chocolates. Each was prepared with such finesse. You can also mark this place for a repeat visit and happily refer to all friends. It replete with ample natural light and a lively awakening vibe. Ideal place for weekend’s leisure.

7. Khala Ghoda

  • Address: 10 Ropewalk Lane | Near Rhythm House, Fort, Mumbai (Bombay) 400001, India
  • Phone Number: +91 22 2263 3866
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: Sun-Sat 8:30-23:30

Kala Ghoda Cafe is hardly a hidden gem anymore since it’s very popular known by everyone. Tiny Cafe with a lovely atmosphere, you can find very good coffee here. If you are visiting Mumbai, especially South Mumbai, definitely a wonderful place for a cup of coffee.

Have an amazing drink with kokum and curry leaves in it, the starters are fantastic with a little twist. Highly recommend their breakfast dishes: those sinful German chocolate waffles and their ABC (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot) juice. As for their sandwiches, the Med Sandwich with a dash of mustard and ketchup is absolute to die for. It is a bit stronger than expectation.

The food is quite good, and the tea selection is extraordinary. Ice tea is lovely that can assure vigor in the summer.  Try the dark chocolate cake which is moist and delicious and the waffle with dark chocolate sauce. Do order ice cream on the side with the waffles which compliment the taste of it. You can also try out the Iced Mochaccino which is fairly sweet.

Great place to have a meal, but seating is very limited, you may need to wait for a table. According to its popularity, the place is too little to cover all customers service, but it’s okay. Food doesn’t take too long but it can take a while to get a seat sometimes.


6. The Pantry

  • Address: Ground Floor, Yeshwant Chambers, Military Square Lane, Kala Ghoda, Near HDFC Bank, Fort | Military Square Lane, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai (Bombay), India
  • Phone Number: +91 22 2267 8901
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: Sun-Fri 9:00-23:30

Great Bombay coffee house to dine or snack, nice music and relaxed atmosphere. The service is also very friendly, so everyone would definitely go and grab a bite at the Pantry. This is a nice little cafe, reminds you of the independent European cafes, something a little different in India.

This place has a very decent menu with a great selection of sweet and savory foods. It’s a little pricey for India but in Mumbai, you can definitely go with it. You will be surprised by how actually good everything is. Nice place with western and Mumbai-style fusion foods. Decor with nice French setup, you would love to walk to this place. And live kitchen adds to the charm of this place.

This place where one can catch a leisurely snack. Ideal for those who like to go on holiday with time seems to be a popular spot for the tourists. The pantry cafe serves good quality of sandwiches. You will definitely love the cookies as well.

Fantastically varied and qualitative menu with daily specials, delicious filled sandwiches, pies & quiches, and an enticing selection of fabulously filling desserts. Overall aroma and suitable environment kept you going till quite late. Chicken with roasted tomatoes with Pondicherry cheese a must try.

You can come here in this Bombay coffee house for breakfast too, it is a recommended place to eat in the lonely planet guide. It is a very calm and pretty cafe. It is not Indian at all, it is very similar to the Western style.

5. Bombay to Barcelona Library cafe

  • Address: 3 & 4, Golden Nest Co-Op. Hsg. Soc, Mapkhan Nagar, Andheri East Mumbai, Mumbai (Bombay) 400069, India
  • Phone Number: +91 77384 46788
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 10.00-22.00, Mon: closed

This Mumbai coffee shop is run by street boys and girls, and everybody, no matter their background, can go inside and take a book. There are many children who struggle to cope with their lives. Some of them have trained to be carpenters or welders, drivers or electricians.

Mr. Amin Sheikh is a great owner of the café. The dwelling that was a car park has been transformed directed toward a magical learning place. Great business, great white coffee, books and an absolutely efficient fancy works. They really enjoyed having you both in the cafe.

Street kids learn a lot with your recommendations and so happy with your visits. They love to learn from you and they are applying your advice. Forget your electronic gadget and get lost in the books. You can visualize that the status of the cuisine and beverages intended to be acceptable, all the same, it will spot you.

Moreover, they do care about your lunch so they customize their dishes because the main prospect is giving you what you desire to eat. The place has smiling faces from end to end, staff comprises of children who are being inspired by the street.

This cafe has cozy faces, honest food, and fresh ideas. From the bookshelves to the handmade love cards you can find lots of strength and inspiration. Truly personalized and has the raw feel.

4. Bombay Baking Company

  • Address: Shahid Bhagat Singh Road | Colaba Causeway, Mumbai (Bombay) 400005, India
  • Contact:  +91 22 2288 0101
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8:00 – 24:00

This Mumbai coffee shop can be your living room, you can get there often enough. More than anything the service is spectacular. Luckily, it is not always crowded & people will be able to be seated. There is some seating outside the café too. Struggle to find good places in Mumbai? BBC is high on the short list of reliable coffee makers.

Their coffee is pretty good. The atmosphere is chilled, lots of people come here and sit around the area with friends, reading the paper or relaxing. It’s a good casual vibe and easy to pass some time there. Bombay Baking Company became one of the nicest café for casual meetings, offering coffee, snacks, burgers, sandwiches & pastries to satisfy hunger pangs.

Besides meals, they have a huge selection of drinks. You can really enjoy the raw fruit juices and imported ginger and root beers. Definitely try the choc cupcake, its best yet. Blueberry cake is one of the best tasted here. You can also enjoy the grilled ham sandwich. You would also like to thank its great hospitality. The entire staffs are very friendly and polite.

You will love their burgers with fries, cold coffee, their puffs and pastries. Overall, it’s an amazing place to hang out with flowers for sale, coffee books with a section with high coffee stools and goodies for sale. Needless to say, you definitely get to spot some Bollywood’s star there for sure. The various small elements add to the zest of this place.  BBC mesmerizes you every time.

3. Prithvi café

  • Address: Prithvi Theatre, 20, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Near Vaishali Apartments, Juhu, Mumbai (Bombay) 400049, India
  • Phone Number: +91 22 2617 4118
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sunday 10:00-23.30

Enjoy the Parathewalli Galli of Delhi right in the breast of Mumbai at Prithvi Cafe- The pick of stuffed Indian bread for foreigners and for Indians the Desi Paratha combos of Two is a from left field rate for money deal, how they pull off to shake such high-quality cuisine at such mind-boggling low cost.

They offer you amazing cuisine beside a fussy package to ensure that they preserve coming back. The grand paratha in copper thali uplifts where one can get mouth watery scent and feel comes by curd and dal makhani with a sprinkling pickle. Indeed, especially Sulaimani chai is great. Should not lack their roll maska, cheese raw toast, paratha, Masala five o’clock high.

This multi-cuisine Mumbai cafe on top of everything has the vibrancy associated mutually to it. You don’t get what returns are got aside owners for Prithvi theatre anyhow they merit something from this Cafe. All the food items were delicious. Allow some presage for the business if you go far and wide lunch hours or asleep evening.

2. Theobroma

  • Address: Shahid Bhagat Singh Road | Colaba Causeway, Mumbai (Bombay) 400005, India
  • Phone number:  +91 22 2288 0101
  • Website:
  • Open hours: Sun 8:00 – 24:00, Mon 8:00 – 24:00

The Bombay coffee house offers beautiful packaging and boxes, in a cute French style. They have awesome preparations to die for. Before the chain became popular, this was one of the best places to acquire some of the excellent desserts. Nice to see them do well and expand all over. The original location of the chain still offers cake and desserts.

The chocolate caramel shortbread was somewhat of a letdown. Most people still recommend it as a place to have coffee and sweets because it remains a reliable mark in Mumbai cafes. Excellent location in Colaba and very popular for one can sit in and enjoy the refreshments. Compared to other coffee shops in Mumbai, it is much more cash efficient.

Their chocoholic cake which is a triple layered chocolate is a family favorite. The New York baked cheesecake is baked perfectly with a fruit filling lining through. These are the only desserts one should try other than all the other brownies. The chocolate walnut brownie is good and has the same great taste as it did when they started. The chocolate walnut brownie is the best, you have never tasted something like this before.

Theobroma is now everywhere from Japan to Australia & Italy to India. It has taken Mumbai’s Theobrama to new heights and her patisserie can beat the ones from the best of five-star patisseries. A must try is the lemon mountain. Some unusual flavors in the iced tea are worth a try.

If you were so hungry as you had not eaten any breakfast, you get homemade soup, steak sandwiches and fries, a lovely cappuccino. Love this place and most importantly the taste, over the years you love going back here.

1. Cafe Mondegar

  • Address: Metro House, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Near Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai (Bombay), India
  • Phone number:  +91 22 2202 0591
  • Website:
  • Opening hours:  Tue-Sun 7:00-12:00

Right bang on the main road in Metro House building with Gateway of India just nearby one restaurant in Colaba, Mumbai just few hundred meters from Gate Way of India. Started as an Iranian Cafe in 1930’s. It is very popular with Indian as well as foreign tourists along with the Leopold Cafe nearby. Specializes in Indian, Chinese and Italian food.

This Mumbai cafe is always busy and has more tourists than some other places, anyway, you should try to visit.  The food is good, can’t complain, but it is a bit too touristy. The cafe is very popular café and that’s why it will meet your expectations with service and quality. Wall art looks so cool.

A cafe bubbling with groups of people chatting away, with chairs and tables placed so close, it looks more like one common large group of people where everyone is talking to everyone else! The cafe is a little too cramped for comfort along with the huge crowd. Come early to avoid waiting at lunch time

With a lot of excitement in the atmosphere, this thoroughly cosmopolitan Bombay cafe really stands out as the go-to place for people of all age groups. Despite busy orders, served with a lot of warmth. Order the Malfatti Indiana also with the Chicken and soup. But services are very much regular as well in regular Mumbai café.


Cafe or restaurant both are the same here ideologically, especially in Asia. Though they carry slightly differences.

In Mumbai, both are same but it’s too far away for café, whether its concept is narrow but so creative. Don’t forget to come to have a good time with those cafés. One can choose the best or just good depending on individual’s pocket condition and also mood.

A good café really can revive and remove monotonous feelings, definitely drive you nostalgic also. Nowadays Bombay cafes are meant to sometimes get rid of office pressure or machinery life, a sip of coffee is a must. Cafe really carries someone’s special moment or old school hangout.

Every cafe is a social platform where people can put their value and cultural taste. Cafés are more than businesses. If one would like to get out of the box, must check out these cafés. Happy dining and being chilled.

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