After investigating the best cafés of Mexico City, let us take you to a completely different area, to one of the historical places of Europe. Italy has always been an integrating culture and a civilization-creating country, even in the time of the Roman Empire. The Mediterranean climate provides a dense, strong and short coffee, which awakens you and keeps you active.

This can be very useful under the hot sun, the racing heat and the immobile air. From this point of view, it is quite like Turkish coffee. However, the Italians use professional coffee machines that are constantly developed. They also play a decisive role in the creation of coffee drink standards. The café’s venues in Italy are mainly coffee bars and the outdoor terraces for outdoor sitting.

You can see locals here standing and lapping up their coffee quickly, this ceremony is the part of their lives. In the Mediterranean coast, the street is not only for traffic, but also functions as a meeting place, a forum where people gather and discuss their daily affairs as if it were their second home.

During the scorching summer months, some families directly move out to the streets. Sidewalks, cafés, restaurant terraces, gateways come alive every afternoon and evening. The Italians primarily prefer the cream coffee method. They do not brew or simply lay the mixture, but rather extrude the flavors from the coffee with pressure.

The fact that this method was born here is not surprising at all, considering that the process is similar to olive production and this has a great tradition in Italy. This method spread all over the world because it was extremely practical and useful. Italian espresso culture is a combination of the Mediterranean “dolce vita” and the Western European quality-oriented industrialization.

Italian coffee drinks as cappuccino are based on espresso, which is one of the most modern, complex and aromatic coffee drinks. We have compiled a list of the best Rome cafés:

10. Caffe Peru’

  • Address:  Via Monserrato 46, 00186 Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: +39 06 687 9548
  • Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9.30 AM – 8.45 PM Tue 9.30 AM- 4.15 PM
  • More information about the coffee house:

Entrance of the Café Peru

This small, cozy old-school Rome coffee shop is located far away from the tourist crowds, yet still close to downtown. A quiet little oasis in the middle of the big swirling. The service is really kind, this is a perfect place to start your day. Just enjoy the dolce vita, the Italian lifestyle with your family or your friends!

But be careful, because they only have limited seats outside under the sun which are usually occupied by locals. They know better the good places, so this is just another proof of the place’s quality. No tourists here, so authentically Roma. You can watch a football match on the TV or play pool here, really fun place.

Their breakfast is impeccable, you can choose from small bites, snacks and a wide variety of pastries. You can drink a nice cup of coffee made right in front of you… The menu is prepared fresh every day and the prices are reasonable.

The spaghetti al limone and the spaghetti with tomato are definitely a must try. The campari is very pleasant, just sip one glass of it with a cigarette, it will be delicious! We definitely recommend this comfy little Rome café, it will be a pleasant experience for you!


9. Cafe Cafe

  • Address:  Via Dei Santissimi Quattro 44, 00184 Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: +39 06 700 8743
  • Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9.30 AM – 8.45 PM Tue 9.30 AM- 4.15 PM
  • More information about the coffee house:

Interiour of the Cafe Cafe

Cafe Cafe is a hidden little gem is located near the Colosseum. The ideal place for a small break after you have visited the giant amphitheater. The prices are reasonable and the quality is good, what we would not expect from a place near one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. There is a bohemian mood here.  They offer American style breakfast, so if you desire an Italian, it’s better if you’re looking for a different place. The staff is nice and friendly, paying attention to the guests.

Their lasagna is delicious, just as the desserts, such as orange flavored tiramisu and apple pie. On the weekend you can have a great brunch buffet.  The sandwiches are also marvelous. The banana smoothie and the chocolate cake with pear/walnuts are a must try. Very good flavors.

They also have options for vegetarians, which is a nice plus.  If you are two, opt for a variety dips plate for two, which is delicious with the fresh cut vegetables (carrot and cucumber), the houmous, the tzatziki, the bread and the bruchetta. You may not even be able to eat it all. This Rome coffee shop is wonderful! You should definitely try it, one of the best Rome cafés.


8. Mizzica

  • Address:  Via Catanzaro 30/36, Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: +39 06 4423 6024
  • Opening hours: Sun-Thu 6:30 AM – 2:00 AM Fri – Sat 6:30 AM – 3:00 AM
  • More information about the coffee house:

The sicilian style interiour of the Mizzica

Mizzica is a bright, slick Rome café is located in Quartiere Nomentano. If you like the authentic Sicilian cuisine, this is the right place for you. The service is great, however, they do not speak English.  So, get ready with an Italian dictionary if you want to make yourself understood. You first have to pay and then explain what you want to eat, however, the prices won’t knock you down.

Just sit outside and watch the people passing by.  “Apericana” is available, that is, you pay 9 euros and you eat as much as you like with one drink included. Super option! Mizzica is often crowded (so sometimes it is hard to find a place), but you do not feel the impersonality which typically characterizes the cafeteria-style places.

Great pasta dishes, salads (such as eggplant salad), potato delicacies…. Fried mozzarella is definitely a must try. Just as Arancini made in several ways with meat, salmon, spinach and cartocciate with aubergines or with tomato and ham, würstel and french fries.

The desserts are very delicious, you can opt for cannoli, granita, cassata… You should try almond macaroon, which is one of their best pastries. I’m sure I would try this Rome coffee house if I were to go to Italy! Recommended.


7. Caffe Greco

  • Address:  Via Dei Condotti 86, 00187 Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: +39 06 679 1700
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9:00 AM–9.00 PM
  • More information about the coffee house:

The entrance of Caffé Greco

When you enter the 250-year-old Caffe Greco by the Spanish steps, you will feel like you have time-traveled to the 18th century. So classy, so posh! It’s like an oasis. Very aristocratic, this place witnessed so many icons of history! It will definitely be an amazing cultural adventure!

The interior is full of pictures and paintings depicting the rich history of the coffee house, the atmosphere is simply magical with so much velvet and gold. Prices are high as a result; the service is very friendly and helpful though. The waiter serving you is so impressive in his tuxedo.  You have to try their Lemon cake! The coffee will leave you a lasting impression!

They have a good selection of savory and sweet snacks. If you are in a hurry, you can just grab a coffee at the „bancone” and dash away.  Or just stand there for a few minutes and drink your espresso or your cappuccino with whipped cream and chocolate, just as the Italians do!

The tea is phenomenal too, the smooth, creamy tiramisu should not be missed, this is typically the dessert that the Italians do best. We highly recommend this unique and special Rome café, it will be an amazing cultural experience.


6. Giselda

  • Address:  Viale di Trastevere 52/58, 00153 Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: + 39 06 4566 5090
  • Opening hours: Sun 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM Mon – Thu 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM Fri – Sat 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • More information about the coffee house:

This wonderful, little Rome café is located in Trastavere old streets. The interior is very welcoming, full of locals. They really know how to create a fun experience! Arman Alin, the waiter is so helpful and will give you directions in English with pleasure. He will definitely exceed your expectations!

Elven is also very friendly and he will add an extra measure of customer experience. You will be treated like royalty, but prices are reasonable and the food quality is good, they use fresh ingredients. A perfect place for business meetings, but you can also invite your family or friends here, they won’t be disappointed.

Giselda offers you an amazing selection of meat and cheese. You can order a huge food plate filled with salami, cheese, and olives. Hot meals and a variety of pizzas, paninis, and pastas are available for lunch. For breakfast you can ask for eggs or a fresh bread roll.

You can prepare your own sandwich here with fresh bread (it is hard to choose from the wide variety) and nice fresh topping. Coffees, melange, cakes and sweets are lovely. The plain croissant with prosciutto and mozzarella Di bufala are a must try! They have a wine department with lots of tasty wines. Don’t miss it! One of the best Rome cafés.


5. Portofino Caffe

  • Address:  Piazza Cola di Rienzo 116, Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: +39 06 3211 0837
  • Opening hours: Sun – Sat 6:30 AM – 1:30 AM
  • More information about the coffee house:

amazing interiour of the Portofino Caffe

Portofino Caffe is the perfect Rome coffee house for a quick cup of strong coffee or a dinner. They have an amazing terrace which is suitable for spending a rainy, cozy afternoon in the Italian capital city after a great shopping day at Via Cola di Rienzo (which turned into a fancy plethora of top brands such as Tiffany’s from a shabby secondary shopping street).

The outdoor heating ensures that you do not get cold. You will love it.  The service is excellent, especially because they are very patient with foreigners and respond quickly to your orders. The tables and the restroom are properly cleaned. Ioana’s smile will definitely change your day in a positive direction! The prices are quite reasonable.

You will get a selection of appetizers such as nuts, pastas and antipasti -or even a tiramisu if you are lucky enough- when you order a drink! And all for free! Amazing. Your coffee will be served with Ferrero Rocher, the wine is also very good.

Salmon pasta and the speck and brie sandwich are definitely a must try! Not to mention the delicious meat and cheese platter and the creamy gelato. You definitely have to visit this Rome coffee shop while you are spending time in the Italian capital! You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.


4. Barnum Cafe

  • Address:  Via del Pellegrino 87, Rome, Italy
  • Telephone: +39 06 6476 0483
  • Opening hours: Mon 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM, Tue – Sat 8:30 AM – 2:00 AM
  • More information about the coffee house:

hibster vibe in the Barnum Cafe Rome

You will love the chilled, hipster vibe of this Rome coffee house! The ambiance is charming, this Rome coffee shop is perfect for an afternoon aperitif or an evening supper. Two nice bartenders are working at the coffee house and they prepare all their food (bread included).  The menu is often changed with original ideas, so it will surprise every time.

In the evening, they turn into a cocktail bar. They are always eager to suggest plates or drinks; the service is very helpful. You would like to grab and take home this place, it is so loveable with its free wi-fi.  However, the system may seem a little bit confusing, it is hard to find out whether you should sit down, order at the bar, pay in advance or after etc. Anyway, they did not seem to be very excited about these matters, so don’t worry.

You will love the breakfast options, the cappuccino made by the barista is brilliant, the pastries are amazing! Cheese plate would be really nice for a dinner! The cakes are delicious, carrot cake with macadamia nuts is wrapped in thick mascarpone, it is definitely a must try! Barnum café is a paradise for hipsters who want to chill out, don’t miss this Rome coffee house, we highly recommend the place. It is one of the best Rome cafés.


3. La Casa del Caffe Tazza d Oro

  • Address:  Via Degli Orfani 84, 00186 Rome, Italy
  • Telephone:  +39 06 678 9792
  • Opening hours: Sun 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM Mon – Sat 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • More information about the coffee house:

La Tazza d’Oro is situated right next to the Pantheon on Piazza Della Rotonda, the location is unbeatable! However, the place is very authentic rather with locals and fewer tourists. You can skip Coloseo, Vatican, di Trevi but not this place!

They offer one of the best coffees in Rome, which means one of the best coffees in Italy, which is equal to one of the best coffees in the entire world! Get ready for the long queue, they are very busy! Free wi-fi is not provided. That means something. And the prices are absolutely reasonable!

€1.10 for a cappuccino served in a beautiful ceramic cup? It’s almost for free (at Starbucks you get a cappuccino for 4 euros). This even exceeds the quality of the coffees in Florence, Milano or Amalfi La Tazza d’Oro will offer you a flawless experience, that’s for sure!

Their delicious tiramisu and croissants are definitely a must try! It’s best to pair them with an espresso, a caffe latte, a cappuccino or a Cappuccino with Cream (whipped non sweet). They offer a wide variety of coffees -including delicious black drinks from Yemen and Ethiopia- with an amazing aroma: so smooth, creamy, without too much acid! This Rome coffee house will be an outstanding experience, don’t miss it!

2. Bar Fondi

Bar Fondi is another little, cozy Rome café located close to the Termini. When you come out of the termini, exit right and walk about 100 m down Via Milazzo and you are there. The atmosphere is great, live music events (jazz…) make the evening even more colorful when it becomes like a bar. The service is unbelievably friendly and welcoming, so really Italian.

This place is so lovingly buzzy and Italian with the outside deck for sitting! The size of the place is small, it is stuffed with locals, which gives an extra feeling. And the prices are friendly. Just sit in and relax, read a book or work on your laptop. So nice.

The offer you fantastic coffee and cappuccino -definitely one of the top ones in the city-, croissants, omelets, paninis, and salads! The perfect place to have a quick breakfast before the sightseeing in Rome.

The cake with chocolate and the croissant with vanilla is definitely a must try, a wide variety of delicious pastries is available. Try the cocktails and the snacks too! Bar Fondi is definitely worth a try, don’t miss if you travel to Rome! One of the best Rome cafés. Recommended.

1. Tazza D’Oro

  • Address:  Via Marche 52, 00187 Rome, Italy
  • Telephone:  +39 06 482 1837
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7.00 AM- 8.00 PM, Sun 10:30 AM– 7.15 PM
  • More information about the coffee house:

La Tazza D’Oro -or “el mejor cafe del mundo” in Spanish- is a wonderful place located in Via Deggli Orfani just a few steps from the Pantheon. Despite the touristy location, the ambiance is very authentic.

This Rome coffee house offers you probably the best coffee in the world. The service is excellent and impeccable, while the prices are affordable. Professional baristas will prepare your delicious coffee. However, the lines can be quite long, so sometimes you have to wait. This is a very busy place, but the quality will compensate you, believe me.

If you are in a hurry, just order a takeaway or buy some beans (Latte Jamaica Blue Mountain beans and chocolate covered coffee beans are amazing!) and prepare your coffee at your home. You have to ask and pay at the register and then find a spot at the counter to grab your order.

The pastries are a must try! Iced coffee, espresso, latte, maxi cappuccino… Don’t miss the caffe granita con panna, a delicious frozen espresso served with whipped cream. The espresso is so smooth and rich! This is definitely one of best cafés in Rome, we fully recommend it. It would be a sin to miss it!!! A must try.


 Italy has a great tradition of coffee, especially for espresso. It seems natural that cafe culture soon gained a footing in the country. The first cafes opened before the unification of Italy (in the 18th century) and many of these still operate and preserve their original form today (such as Caffe Greco).

There is no doubt that few people are making finer coffee than Italians.  Locals are able to drink five cups a day or even more. Cappucino, latte macchiato, espresso, ristretto- these names are inseparable from Italy. If you are a coffee lover, Rome is definitely worth a visit, because the Italian capital city is very rich in this regard. Buy your airplane ticket today and prepare yourself for the cultural adventure!

While we are in Europe, let’s investigate another beautiful city in terms of coffee houses and take a look at The Best Cafés of Vienna!



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