Cup of cold brew coffee

When the weather becomes nice and the sun is shining, the season of cold coffees also arrives. Besides frappe and iced coffee, cold brew is available to drink too. This type of coffee is indeed cold brewed. Those who are more deeply interested in the topic may also try to prepare it at their home.

No brewing is needed

During the method of cold brew, the coffee grounds is soaked in cold or room temperature water for 10 to 12 hours and filtered before use. This seems a very long time, but when you consider that the machine presses the 90-96 degree Celsius water through the coffee grounds under pressure during the preparation of an espresso coffee, you understand the difference (by the way, a coffee machine prepares an espresso within around 20-30 seconds). Freshly ground coffee is necessary for this procedure because the coffee ground oxidizes on air while it loses flavors and fragrances. Many people try home solutions, but many specially developed cold brew coffee machines are already available to facilitate the preparation, the filtration and storage of the finished coffee.

Cold brewed coffee with ice cubes

The result is a far less acidic, softer, sweeter drink than the traditional coffee. It may be also consumed hot, but most of the cold brew lovers consume it with ice cubes because allegedly it is far more refreshing this way as a coffee that was made in a traditional way.

It is more silky

The acidity of the coffee is basically determined by roasting but other factors during the preparation also contribute to the outcome. The coffee grounds do not assort with the hot water during the cold water method, so other chemical processes take place here as in the case of traditional solutions. The result is a far more silky flavor.



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