Cup of strong coffee

There are also less known coffee specialties available. An average consumer thinks in the espressocappuccino-latte triangle, but actually, there are more options to choose. The espresso itself has many versions. Brazilians drink coffee with lime, while Americans sometimes put an extra dose of espresso to the brewed coffee. Hungarians aromatize the black drink with sugar and coffee. Anyway, these beverages may bother our heart and stomach, so we’ll be better off if we do not consume too much.

Red Eye

Red eye is the result of mixing any brewed coffee with a dose of espresso. According to the legend, it is called red eye because it is needed when someone’s eyes are red after keeping vigil all night. It might seem to be similar with Doppio, but Doppio is made of two espressos (doppio means double in Italian). This label refers to both the used coffee and the amount of water.

Black Eye

Black Eye is almost the same as Red eye, but here we put two doses of espresso to one cup of brewed coffee. And in this case, there is no connection between the color of the consumer’s eye and the name. In fact, the label “Black eye” originates from the black blur that comes up on the surface of the coffee in the moment of the interfusion.

Coffee beans in a cup

Green Eye

This is the strongest member of the triad, however, the name might suggest otherwise. Here we put three doses of espresso in the coffee. This was really invented for those who withstand well coffee. The idea comes from the United States of America and the majority of its fan base is also there.


Guillermo also has a very strong stimulant effect. The preparation looks like this: we put a slice of lime at the bottom of the cup, then we brew the coffee over it. Some may think that this is a strange method, but it is common among Brazilians. Coffee gourmets would be happy to drink it but people with a sensitive stomach should be careful (lime and coffee together are particularly acidifying).

These drinks should be consumed moderately because they are full of caffeine. The human body can process 3-400 mg of caffeine each day, which means 3-4 cups. This amount equals 2 cups of Red and Black Eye and one cup of Green Eye, which is the strongest. Just test these after a hard day’s night and that may come to be a nice surprise.



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