Nyhavn, colorful harbour of Copenhagen (Denmark)

We have already reviewed the Best Cafés of Vienna and Prague as well, which are both amazing historical places, but now let’s proceed and discover another beautiful and cozy city. This time it’s going to be Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Hygge means „coziness” in the Danish language. This notion is about a warm, welcoming atmosphere and the enjoyment of the best things in life such as drinking a cup of coffee alone or in the company with the ones you love. Copenhagen people love to gather for a coffee-hygge.

Coffee scene is amazingly strong in such a relatively small city as Copenhagen. The thing that is so loveable about it is the non-competitiveness. Coffee houses promote each other and sell each other’s beans, thus the industry strengthens at large.

These coffee shops make top quality, regardless of the fact that they are run by only a few kind people. They offer an atmosphere with very good vibes and you can usually take your beans home and grind them at home or ask for a bit of latte art in your to-go cup. We gathered the top 10 cafés of Copenhagen for you in this article:


10. MORMORS Cafe

  • Address:  Bredgade 45, Copenhagen 1260, Denmark
  • Telephone:  +45 33 16 07 00
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Sun 11:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • More information about the coffee house: https://www.facebook.com/MORMORS

Mormors café is a pretty little Copenhagen café with a lovely vintage/kitsch feel located near the Royal Palace. The quirky design of the interior with the old furniture and the old nicknacks will take your breath away. Like Aladdin’s cave. Naked dolls hang from the ceiling, the objects witness a nostalgic past. You will enjoy the old-style atmosphere and the kind service. This place is definitely a treasure trove. You have to try it.

Just sit by the window and watch the passers-by at one of the pavement tables. The place can be very crowded sometimes, so you are better off if you arrive outside the peak time. The service can be slow, but the waiters are very kind and attentive.

You have to try the American coffee, which is so tasty, especially when combined with one of their delicious cakes or their fabulous pastries. They offer traditional Danish desserts, such as Romkugler. Oh, and the fruit smoothies! So refreshing and healthy! The blueberry muffin is so impressive.

The prices are reasonable. For example, you can get an American coffee, a smoothie and a scone for 130 DKK. Do you plan a trip to the Danish capital? Don’t forget to visit Mormors café.


9. Paludan’s Book & Cafe

  •  Address:  Fiolstraede 10-12, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Telephone: +45 33 15 06 75
  •  Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • More information about the coffee house: https://www.paludan-cafe.dk/

Paludan’s Book & Cafe is a fantastic Copenhagen coffee house right next to the University in one of the main streets of the Danish capital. The atmosphere is very relaxing with a quirky but sophisticated feeling. The concept is so interesting, the place contains a number of floors full of books that could be borrowed and lots of different games such as Cluedo.

The furniture is so nice. Just take a book off from the shelf and sit down with a cup of coffee, you will enjoy it a lot. The baristas used to tourists and international students from Copenhagen University, prices are reasonable. The amount and the quality of ingredients are high.

The coffees are so flavorful. The espresso is very strong and acidic. The smoothies are so big and are full with fruits, the Elderberry and the Blackcurrant ones are definitely a must try. Vegan meals are also available (vegetarian brunch).

The liver pate, the goat cheese, and the beef burger are very good too. You should also taste the chorizo, the cheeses, the salami and prosciutto, the avocado, the houmous and other sauces. Desserts are tasty, especially the marzipan one! Morning plate/breakfast option is available. Definitely a must try.

8. Next Door Cafe

  • Address: Larsbjoernsstraede 23, Copenhagen 1454, Denmark
  • Telephone: +45 27 12 08 18
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • More information about the coffee house: http://www.nextdoorcafe.dk/

Next Door Café is a charismatic basement café near Rundetaarn that is a perfect place for students: they offer a student-budget friendly menu. Hotel Alexandra is just a 5-minute walk away. Its cozy atmosphere with a quirky vibe and the unique decoration with the glass topped tables with lots of artifacts under the glass (old bus tickets, travel cards, receipts etc) is amazing.

Catch up with a friend or a colleague to discuss a work project or work on your laptop, they have free wi-fi. Next Door Café is one of the busiest cafés in Copenhagen, so be careful with timing. The staff is very polite and they speak English, which is a nice plus.

The sign to the cafe is purple, Next Door Cafe is written in vertical text. The café consists of different sections, there is one with a long table that can be used by a whole group and there are two-person and four-person tables within the ground floor sections. From here you can watch the passers-by. The café-meets-library vibe is so enjoyable for engaging conversations.

You will love their black and hot coffee that is so flavorful. The bowl of porridge with blueberry, brown sugar and butter is definitely a must try. Vegans and vegetarians will love this place because there are options for them too. You can have a breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and a fruity smoothie, so delicious! Don’t miss it.

7. Mad & Kaffe

  • Address: Soender Boulevard 68 | Koebenhavn V, Copenhagen 1720, Denmark
  • Telephone: +4521755925
  • Website: http://www.madogkaffe.dk/

Mad & Kaffe is an amazingly stylish Copenhagen coffee house in the area of Vesterbro. This is not a very central location, so finding the place may not be the easiest task, however, it is worth the effort. The build-your-own breakfast concept is so lovely, you can choose the stuff that you want to eat.

If you decide to sit outside, they provide blankets and umbrellas for you, which is a nice touch. Mad & Kaffe has cool, hipster vibes and a warm and welcoming atmosphere with candles throughout, fully embracing the Danish „hygge” idea of coziness.

You will want to return, that is for sure. But be careful, the café can get hyper busy and you might have to wait up to 30 minutes. Try to arrive earlier. Prices also may seem high. Coffees and juices are brilliant. The cappuccino is so creamy, the espresso is strong and flavorful.

The menu offers a good food selection, nutritious and non-calorie options are also available, so you will be happy if you are on a diet or you are vegetarian.The Blueberry Muesli, the Scrambled Eggs, and the Apple Turnover are fabulous! This place is definitely a must try, don’t miss it while enjoying the city.

6. Grams Laekkerier

  • Address: Halmtorvet 1, Copenhagen 1700, Denmark
  • Telephone: +45 53 54 60 28
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 am – 3:30 pm
  • More information about the coffee house: http://www.gramshalmtorvet.dk/

This little gem is slightly hidden behind the Central Train station. The interior is cool and tiny with cozy tables, heaters underneath, and built-in chargers if you need to charge your telephone or your laptop. Outdoor seating is available.

Free wi-fi and a Mac built into the wall if you need a computer. The staff is very friendly and eager to chat with everyone, they will offer you a ginger beer to try on the house. Excellent quality fresh ingredients are used.

They will also provide you with the wifi password and a piece of paper with a map of the area. Seating places are limited and the place can be crowded, so arriving at off-peak hours may be a good idea. There is a high school nearby and students often come for lunch. Try to arrive before lunchtime, because the place can be crowded.

They offer a good selection of coffees made freshly from quality ingredients. The cappuccino is so creamy with the right amount of milk! Taste the espresso too. You can eat sandwiches, soups, salads, and muffins here. Sandwiches and juices are fresh with the freshest ingredients. Definitely a must try! One of the best Copenhagen coffee houses.

5. Andersen Bakery

Andersen Bakery is an authentic family business with a great location in the neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens and the Train Station. The ideal place to set up your day. There is a private entrance into the cafe from the Nimb Hotel next door. The atmosphere and the design is so amazing.

We can observe a little Japanese influence here. The location is so convenient, the service is so friendly and professional. The perfect spot to relax with plenty of seats in the large café area. Prices are much lower than usual, the staff is hyper-friendly.

A good choice of coffee, tea and juices are available. Coffee is so good, and the refill is free, which is a nice plus. A wide range of both savory and sweet pastries is available for breakfast.You can choose as many pastries as you wish with a hot drink

Prepare yourself to enter the Danish bakery heaven. The smorrebrods, the hot dog, and the sandwiches are so well put together and delicious. The egg and shrimp are so lovely with their roe, chive, and homemade mayo touches. They offer so many products, it is so hard to choose. But you should definitely try a couple of different things. Highly recommended.

4. Lagkagehuset

  • Address: Torvegade 45, Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Telephone: +45 32 57 36 07
  • Opening hours: Mon-Thu 6:00 am – 7:00 pm, Fri 6:00 am – 7:30 pm, Sat-Sun 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Website: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/

Lagkagehuset is a Copenhagen coffee shop that may be found almost everywhere in Central Copenhagen. This place truly defines fresh old school bakery This is a chain, the biggest one is located at Christianshavn, but there are many in almost any parts of the city.

Probably the best bang-for-your-buck bakery in the Danish capital. You will love the ease of the ticketing system (they repeat the numbers in English). Everything is so colorful and amazing. However, the atmosphere can be a bit stressful.

They have a great range of pastries, coffees, and sandwiches. Espresso and the chai latte are so lovely, flavorful and comforting during those cold days! The pastry and the sandwiches are amazing, just as the drinks and skyr with rye bread and berries. Everything is so fresh and natural. The rye bread is definitely a must try.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Taste the Strawberry tart, the fantastic Christianshavn Torte and the flodellboller (marshmallow beauty with chocolate, nuts, and caramel in the center). Oh, and the chocolate rye cookies sprinkled with crushed peanuts! The “Rundstykke” with butter and the “wienerbrød” (Old Danish)! Delicious! Be careful, you will get addicted to this place! You have to visit it.

3. Cafe Norden

  • Address: Oestergade 61, Copenhagen 1100, Denmark
  • Telephone: +45 33 11 77 91
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9:00 am – 12:00 am
  • Website: http://www.cafenorden.dk/

Cafe Norden is a stunning café in the heart of Copenhagen (this are is so special with its cool fountains and old buildings). When you enter, the old world charm will immediately enchant you. The perfect spot to have a relaxing cup of steaming coffee after a tiring day of shopping or sightseeing.

You can go upstairs to the less crowded second floor to take a window seat and watch the world go by or sit outside to enjoy the sunshine if the weather is warm enough. The prices are quite high, but the lovely experience and the food quality definitely makes it worth a visit. Probably not the most student friendly place in town. They are very busy and self-service oriented.

They offer a great selection of hot drinks and cakes. The coffees are so tasty and flavorful. The cheesecake is definitely a must try. The portions are so huge that one may be enough for two persons. The traditional brunch plate with the assortment of bread, cheese, yogurt, fruit, juice, coffee is fantastic, just as the tartar beef and salmon with four types of bread and salad fixings.

We highly recommend this place. One of the best Copenhagen cafés, that is for sure.

2. Conditori La Glace

  • Address: Skoubogade 3, Copenhagen 1158, Denmark
  • Telephone: +45 33 14 46 46
  • Website: http://laglace.dk/en/

Conditori La Glace is a very magical, traditional, award-winning Copenhagen coffee house with a local charm. You will feel the old times of the city here, the place has a long history and big reputation. La Glace has been a popular café and bakery in Copenhagen for generations.

The atmosphere and the interior with the carpets and the chairs are so warm, the waitresses are very helpful. When you taste the cakes you will feel like you have entered another world… You can ask for an English menu with pictures and descriptions to accompany. Just sit down and relax here after a long day walking through Copenhagen.

But make sure to arrive with a full wallet, the prices are not too friendly. Coffee refill is free, so you can recharge here before you explore this wonderful city. The coffee pots are beautiful, the coffee is not too strong, but flavorful! Try the warm chocolate.

They offer a gorgeous collection of creamy cakes, pies and pastries, everything is prepared freshly from quality ingredients. A small selection of dairy free cakes is also available, the Krause cake is so lovely! You should definitely try this Copenhagen coffee shop, you won’t be disappointed. Recommended.

1. Sankt Peders Bageri

Sankt Peders Bageri has been around since 1652 (364 years), it is one of the oldest bakeries in the city located near Rundetaarn, in the city center. Finding it is not too easy because it is a little bit tucked away down a side street. You may have heard of it from the Paul Hollywood City Bakes programme. It can be quite busy, so you should arrive outside the peak time.

You can sit in the courtyard of the nearby church to enjoy our morning treats in the traditional atmosphere. On Wednesday you can try the fantastic onsdagssnegle (Wednesday snails/cinnamon buns), they bake approx 4000 every Wednesday. The staff is so lovely and helpful, prices are not too high. You have to take part in this cultural institution.

Coffees are great. Both the espresso and the cappuccino are well-balanced and flavorful. You can opt for one with a blob of icing on or one with sprinkled sugar. Both are delicious. The lovely, flaky pastries are freshly baked and exceptionally tasty, especially the raspberry doughnut.

They will melt in your mouth. The sausage in a bread roll and the pizza focaccia are perfect.  This is certainly one of the best Copenhagen cafés, you have to try it.


The Danish coffee culture cannot be separated from the word „hygge”, which means „coziness” in Danish language. Copenhagen people love to come together in a warm, loving atmosphere to enjoy each other’s company besides a cup of coffee.

Copenhagen has a thriving coffee scene, but competitiveness is not very important, which is also nice. Coffee houses know each other and help each other in promoting, which an attitude that contributes to a stronger industry on a larger scale. Coffee shops are so cozy with good vibes offering top quality coffees.

If you are interested in more European cities, feel free to check out our articles about The Best Cafés of Berlin and Istambul as well.



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