Illy is the company founded decades ago. To be more precise the year of foundation is 1933. The place is Trieste, Italy. Today this company is present in 140 countries. The revenue of this company is 437 million $ and currently it employees 1.177 people worldwide.

The founder was Francesco Illy. After the First World War, he set up a business in the cocoa and coffee sector. He was also the inventor of the first coffee machine that was the great grandfather of today’s espresso machines.

His son Ernesto, who had a degree in chemistry established the company’s first laboratory, dedicated to the chemistry of coffee and forms alliances with corporate and academic scientific institutions.

And then it all started blossoming

The year was 1965 when they opened the first manufacturing facility in Trieste, which is still the only manufacturing facility and one of the coffee industry lowest-smoke, high volume roasting plants. In the 80s they conquered new markets and also patented system for computerized inspection of each individual bean, detecting and eliminating any which do not meet strict quality standards.

The logo that we all recognize today was born in 1996 and it was the work of a pop artist James Rosenquist. Since the birth of this company, they were sustainable in their tradition and sell their coffee (even today) in the metal canisters. In their production, they only use the Arabica coffee species and Brazil is their main option when it comes to the source of the coffee.

They are also known to be the founders of the University of Coffee (there are 20+ University locations worldwide), which instructs at no cost to coffee growers, in order for their coffee to be the most quality as possible.

The University was first opened in Naples back in 1999 and 3 years after that, in 2002 it was moved to Trieste.The quality of this company was revealed in 2011 when they were given the Responsible Supply Chain Process Certification in recognition of sustainability in every aspect of its coffee sourcing.

Beside this certification, they were given three more. Three years earlier (2008) they introduced Illy issimo, they’re first ready to drink coffee. It was distributed worldwide through a joint venture with the Coca-Cola company.

We also said that the founder of this company was also interested in the cocoa work. Because of this, sins the July 2006 the Illy group is richer for the product called Domori – premium chocolate, which became popular immediately.

They sought only for the best

For themselves, they say that their mission is to delight all those who cherish the quality of life, through the search for the best coffee nature can provide. Their vision is to establish the coffee culture and to achieve the highest level of excellence in their field of work.

So, if they disappeared from the face of the earth at this moment (which will not happen), besides the flavor of their coffee, they would be remembered because of the three innovations. The first one is the classic oxygen-free environment – cans that preserve essential aromas and save the natural coffee oil inside the bean.

Number two is the Illetta, precursor of the modern espresso machine that for the first time separated pressure and heating elements. Number three is pre-tamped, pre-dosed, expertly ground espresso in a single serve paper pods (the system called ESE-Easy Serving Espresso). In other words, they would never be forgiven.

Illy Illetta coffee machine

It became a company of great future

Since the foundation of the company, Illy family remains up to this day the coronary stone of this company leadership. CEO is Andrea Illy, vice president is her brother Riccardo. Anna Illy leads the pioneering work with coffee growers and Anna Rossi Illy is an honorary president.

IperEspresso is an innovation of Francesco Illy, which is a five-patent-protected rethinking of espresso preparation, and this is just one of their highly guarded secrets.

When we speak about numbers, 60 % is the share of Illy coffee enjoyed outside of Italy, 200+ Illy coffee brand bars and stores worldwide and have 4 out of 8 major worldwide coffee industry innovations. Also they have 4 company – founded research facilities. You have to agree that this is pretty impressive.

And now it’s available worldwide

Like every other world leading coffee company, Illy offers their products online. Their most common product to be bought online is  Medium Roast Ground coffee – Espresso, in 8.8 oz (250g) recognizable silver can.

With a review of 4.2 out of 5 stars and the price of 11 $, it is something that you will not want to miss trying. It is a blend of fine Arabica coffee with an authentic Italian flavor, smooth, balanced and never bitter, packed in an air-free and old fashion designed cans.

Yes, the price might be too high, but if you have an espresso machine at home, with this brown pleasure you will make a morning cup of coffee to die for (I am not saying that without the espresso machine you can’t make coffee, it is just that with the help of the espresso machine you are able to squeeze out the living soul of every gram of coffee beans).



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