The whole story started in the Nordic countries in 2012. Meanwhile, the pioneering products of the company spreaded in 25 countries in a few years. That is not a quotidian resultate! In 2014, the business repositioned it’s headquarters to the USA, where the invention was introduced in January 2015.

Since then the guys came a long way. Four Sigmatic is still a small startup company owned by a few employees, who are enthusiastic and persistent enough to keep on procuring changes in global health.

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Tero Isokauppila’s invention, mushroom coffee revolutionizes the coffee industry. His company, Four Sigmatic claims that the beverage made from medicinal mushrooms stimulates brain activity and productivity – without the harmful side effects of real coffee.

Dried extract of Tricholoma matsutake and soft Central American Arabica coffee beans are added to the wonder coffee.  

Mushroom and health?

Does it sound a little bit strange? Mushrooms in conjunction with health?  Believe it or not, mushrooms are among the most researched health foods. Actually mushrooms had a huge effect on the well-being of the Western world, in spite of the fact that many people do not realize at all the essential role this super fungi played in the amelioration of our healthcare system.

Did you know that approximately 40 % of Western prescriptions uses mushrooms, together with penicillin? Dozens of studies have been performed and many articles were written to confirm their unbelievable capabilities. Namely, one single mushroom occured in 1,100 papers, while we identify more than 10000 varieties in the USA and Canada only.

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Despite all these only a few people consume these super mushrooms, so even tiny quantities could result in noteworthy health improvements. In fact, mushrooms were regarded suspiciously, and many prejudices were alive among the last few generations, even though they are appropriate to many types of diet, including Paleo and vegan.

Maybe it’s already time to be more open towards the fungis and we should return to our roots. Aboriginal people were more aware of the beneficial effects of different mushrooms and they cleverly integrated them into their diets for milleniums. Since survival was a more central topic in those days, their wisdom dealt a lot with health, thus mushrooms were important.

And what are the beneficial effects of mushroom?

But how did the idea of ​​healthy café pop out of the inventor’s head? Probably it was the consequence of the high coffee consummation in Finland. The hot black drink can help in overcoming Parkinson’s disease and depression, but if a lot is consumed, it can cause insomnia and anxiety.

According to Tero, fungi are very effective in the struggle against things like that, and it can even control your blood sugar levels. Moreover, mushroom coffees are less acidic than the real coffee.

Chaga reduces inflammation and regulates blood glucose. The cordyceps restores tone. It stimulates natural defenses and physical strength. It is therefore good to consume in capsules if you want to improve your sporting performances.  Reishi, for its part, regulates blood pressure, stimulates brain function and prevents cardiovascular accidents. And finally, lion’s mane stimulates memory, helps reduce anxiety and depression, improves concentration and fights against brain degeneration.

The Finnish manufacturer claims that the special concoction provides the necessary caffeine stroke, but later we won’t be upset and exhausted. In addition, sleeping will not cause a problem if we drink a lot of coffee on that day.

Four Sigmatic, the coffee producer, promises that the mushroom coffee will rev your body up and the brain as well. Moreover, the tasters say that the flavor of the mushroom coffee is not bizarre at all… It is rather like a blend of herbal tea and a coffee. This drink is already regarded as some kind of super drink.

Few products of Four Sigmatic

Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane

Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane reprieves your nerves, helps to avoid breakdowns. It contains wild-harvested chaga and lion’s mane fruiting bodies, thus improving mind power and concentration. One box includes 10 powder packets.

Chaga Elixir

Chaga mushrooms help you to lower inflammation in your body and increases your capability to struggle with infections, bacteria, colds, and viruses. Actually these wonder mushrooms are something like an assault of antioxidants!

One of the most powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agents available in the world these days. One box contains 20 powder packets. And one packet includes 1,500 mg of dual-extracted, wild-harvested Siberian chaga mushrooms.

Cordyceps Elixir

It relaxes you and supports adrenals. Cordyceps was composed of wild harvested chaga. It’s acid levels are quite low, so it won’t cause a stomach burn. One box contains 10 powder packets which means a serving size of 40 mg of caffeine and 500 mg of dual extracted mushrooms.

Mushroom Coffee with Green Coffee Bean Extract

100 % Arabica beans where used at the preparation of this coffee. Mushroom Coffee with Green Coffee Bean Extract is absolutely mycotoxin free. Arabica beans give those sheer and kooky taste that you love so! It contains dual extracted chaga that will lower the acidity.

The adjustment of the blood sugar levels will be done by the dual extracted maitake mushroom. Green coffee beans will facilitate the process of weight loss. Mushroom Coffee with Green Coffee Bean Extract is full vegan, gluten free, GMO-free and no additives or preservatives were added. One bag contains 10 portions.

Reishi Elixir

This drink will regulate your hormonal system in a natural way while reducing cortisol levels. You will slepp better, both in terms of quality and quantity. Your chances to enjoy a deep, slow-wave sleep will be significantly higher. One box contains 20 powder packets. One packet includes 1000 mg of fruiting body, dual-extracted, log-grown red reishi mushrooms.

Mushroom  latte recipe

  • 200 ml of hot or boiling water (according to your tastes).
  • 1 sachet of lion’s mane of the brand Four Sigmatic.
  • 1 teaspoon of almond milk.
  • A little stevia scented with vanilla.  Mix with a spoon or milk emulsifier.



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