Cup of coffee

The first gulp from the freshly prepared coffee can be a really enjoyable moment. But if the coffee was not made well -with due attention to the details-, we may be disappointed. There are many factors influencing the quality of the coffee. Sometimes we get different results, even when the method is the same. We should really pay attention to the following matters:

Water quality

The bigger part of coffee is water, so obviously, we can not have a good quality coffee without good water. Do not use a water for coffee brewing that you would not drink. Chlorinated, hard water with high iron content will definitely produce a bad taste. So filtered tap water or bottled mineral water is recommended.


Coffee ought to be stored hermetically because oxygen can deaden it. We should bin it in an odor free, air fast box, in a cool and dry place. This is true to both coffee beans and grounded coffee.

Hygiene of the tools

No matter what method do you use to prepare the coffee, hygiene is a very important factor. That is true to aero press and everything else. A clean machine is indispensable to have a delicious coffee.  If coffee grounds is left inside for weeks or you prepare coffee with dirty hands, the result will obviously be criticizable. Let’s just clean the working tools.

Coffee machine


Coffee aromas are very sensitive to temperature, so even little fluctuation may influence the enjoy legibility of aromas and fragrances. So we should be aware of not using too hot or not enough warm water. Another important detail is the pre-heating of the cup. Let’s just reach it with a little hot water and our coffee won’t get cool oversoon.

Adequate roasting

If we do not pay attention to adequate roasting, then it is almost sure that we will get a bitter coffee with a burnt taste. Of course, different tastes do matter here also: for example, the Italians are famous of a stronger roasting. This style may seem over-roasted for some while an Italian may think that a Hungarian coffee is under-roasted. So roasting is definitely a true art. Under-roasting can be also unpleasant because thus the best aromas do not come forward.



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