Given that coffee culture is present for a long time within the city of Barcelona, Spain, it’s not that hard to find a coffee house with high-quality service. But, maybe, just maybe, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of the choice that is given to you.

For that reason, we decided to present you ten coffee shops that are an absolute must if you find yourself roaming trough Barcelona. However, before we begin, we should give you a short introduction on how to order a cup of coffee in Barcelona (believe us, it’s a necessity).

First of all, to get a better understanding of the situation, you need to keep in mind that their complex and perplexing jargon and various regional specialties are known to scare even the most knowledgeable coffee fanatics. If you only want to drink espresso while traveling through Barcelona, then you shouldn’t care about this article.

The Unique Coffee Culture of Barcelona

The next section is for those who are prepared to take their adventure to a whole new level. So here we begin. First, we will politely ask you to remember Café solo. This, in Spanish, means “coffee alone” and what you will most certainly get if you only mutter the word to the waiter “coffee”.

If you order café solo, you will get a thick and bitter espresso with a foam layer on top. On the other hand, if you order Cortado (also known as a tallat in Barcelona) you should expect a short espresso with just a little foamed milk added into it. Cortado is perfect after meals, and it’s usually served in a small glass or cup.

Café con lech is usually the most popular coffee people tend to order and drink. A cup of café con leche contains an equal amount of espresso and milk, and it is a perfect addition to your breakfast meal. If you want to cool yourself, then the café con hielo is the perfect drink for you.

If you order café con hielo, you will get a simple shot of espresso with the addition of a full glass of ice. This type of coffee is among favorites during the summer. Opposed to the café con leche stands café Americano which is served in a small espresso cup with a glass of hot water. For those ones who like to go outside the box, Carajillo is a perfect choice.

You can prepare Carajillo with even amounts of espresso and rum, brandy or whiskey. This type of coffee is the most popular during the evenings and late afternoons. Furthermore, if you are a milk fan, then Bombon coffee should be right up your alley. It is served with condensed milk and tastes like a chocolate bonbon!

Now you got the notion about what you should know about coffee while visiting the city. It is time to research our pick of the best coffee shops in Barcelona.


10. Paisano Café

Paisano Café is located near one of the most famous landmarks of Barcelona – the Sagrada Familia.  This café is ideal for taking a break after visiting Sagrada Familia and enjoying the friendly atmosphere with delicious Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

When you step through the door, you are greeted by the interior that resembles a cozy kitchen in the village. This is a small and a charming place with kind staff and amazing service. Paisano Café is also famous for its Italian coffee. Their very attentive staff will help you through the day with the favorite coffee brew of your choice.

If you have a sweet tooth, you really have to try their authentic tiramisu. All in all the prices are very welcoming, especially when we take into consideration the location of Paisano café. Don’t miss out on this amazing place.


Ugot is located near the Arenas de Barcelona. The eclectic interior of Ugot resembles a café from the beginning of the 19th century. When visiting the first thing that catches your eye is the showcase full of delicious looking cakes! We couldn’t make our mind up on what cake to indulge in so the best advice would be to choose them all!

If you aren’t there just for the sweets but looking for a serious bite to eat, we can recommend Ugot for a nice lavish breakfast or brunch. You can enjoy a great French toast, Croissants, eggs Benedict and the Shakshuka won’t disappoint you. All that while you enjoy their tasty cappuccino and admire the unusual looking interior.

You can sip your coffee in style from old British looking teacups that remind you of the times that passed in some aristocrat’s castle. Good to mention, if you are a dog lover, this place is pet-friendly.

8. IL Forno

IL Forno is located just a short walk away from Sagrada Familia. If you are in Spain and looking for something Italian to eat or drink, this is the place you are looking for. We’ll start with the coffee. You can find a wide array of coffee kinds and variations in their menu to suit everyone’s taste.

From the Americano, Irish coffee, Scottish coffee all the way to pure cappuccino and espresso; they have them all. They know how to make that real Italian coffee that will instantly kick you back to life in order to enjoy their wine or the best Italian cuisine.

We can definitely recommend cafe con leche. For wine connoisseurs, there is a wide variety of wines and the domestically produced Catalonian Cavas which is a Spanish sparkling wine, sort of resembling champagne.

Last but not least – the snacks.  When you take a seat in IL Forno you cannot resist the temptation of the showcase full of cakes and delicious goodies. Go for the jam croissants, if you aren’t up for something sweet, then try the pizzas and ham and cheese croissants that will blow your mind.

7. El Petit Princep

When you are done with your visit to Sagrada Familia and your next destination is Arc de Triomf, the Catalonian parliament or the zoo, be sure to stop by El Petit Princep. Every corner of the café resembles Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella “The Little Prince” so wherever you are seated you won’t forget the name of the café and you may reminisce about this iconic novella.

The guys at the Petit Princep pride themselves on the freshness of their coffee. Every cup is a work of art, literally because you get lovely foam drawings in your favorite brew. We can recommend the macchiato, Piccolo or the Cortado.

If you want a sugar shot, you can choose from a variety of colorful macaroons, pancakes, various cakes, and cookies. On the other hand, if you want something just to freshen yourself up, we recommend their lemonade which is made with care and full of sour juice that wakes up even the sleepiest ones out there.

The baristas are attentive and at your service at all times, so don’t be afraid to ask anything that crosses your mind regarding the coffee or the cakes they are offering. Or you can always ask about advice for the next destination to visit while in Barcelona. Use the advice that is given to you by us and enjoy your stay.

6. Spice Cafe

  • Address: C/ Margarit, 13, 08004 Barcelona, Spain
  • Working hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Telephone: +34 936 24 33 59
  • Website:

Spice Café is conveniently located just of av. Del Parallel on a quiet street. Its rustic décor gives out a homey and a most welcoming feeling from the minute you walk through the door. First things first – coffee. They have every kind of espresso for every taste and all situations.

You can get that one shot of strong regular espresso or Americano which is basically espresso but with hot water. You can go for the Cortado which is espresso but with a splash of milk, Cafe con leche which is espresso with steamed milk, Latte which is two shots of espresso with steamed milk or Breve which is also two shots of espresso but with cream.

Than there is your regular cappuccino which is served wet or dry, with steamed milk and foam.   You can also choose between flavored lattes and mochas. All in all a great choice of espressos that every espresso lover will acknowledge and admire.

If you are hungry there is a choice of homemade baked goods to enjoy. We can recommend all the sweets from the cookies, muffins, scones, various cakes, cupcakes, brownies all the way to flapjacks and pancakes. Do not miss out on their savory quiche.

5. Escriba

  • Address: Rambla de les Flors, 83, 08024 Barcelona, Spain
  • Working hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Telephone: +34 933 01 60 27
  • Website:

Located near La Rambla, Barcelona’s most famous boulevard, Escriba is the perfect place for any pastry and cake lover. Located in a shadowy corner, with its shiny interior, Escriba evokes the memories of Gaudi, the famous Spanish architect.

From the cozy seats outside you will be able to look out on the march of the tourists and locals which together are making a cohesive mass of old and new, local and foreign. But if you decide to sit inside, you will see a completely different story. The unusual interior with its black and white tiles, seamlessly endless rows of cakes and pastry are making the world of its own.

Once you get in, you will be mesmerized by the artistry of their chefs, as well as their decorator. Escriba is well known to be able to please the tastes of even the most difficult customers out there. Their Sant Jordi special will be the best you will be able to try, and the thing you will miss Barcelona for. And their quiches with every bite will confirm that you are tasting a bite of heaven.

Even though the coffee is not something they are famous for, Escriba can compete with the best coffee shops Barcelona can bring. Their Arabica seeds are perfectly roasted into small, but strong espresso shots. If you opt for the cappuccino, however, you will be guaranteed to have the energy for the whole afternoon.

If you find yourself in Barcelona, Escriba is definitely a perfect place to visit and spend your quality time. So, don’t hesitate and give yourself in for a one of a kind experience.

4. DelaCrem

  • Address: Enric Granados, 15-17, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
  • Working hours: 9:30 am – 9:30 pm
  • Telephone: +34 930 04 10 93
  • Website:

If you are an ice cream lover, DelaCrem is the right place for you. Situated near Eixample city district which stands for “extension”, with its spacious streets and elegant atmosphere, DelaCream is a perfect little oasis for every man exhausted from the daily world’s struggles.

Their clean and simple interior, with the home-like design, will offer you perfect comfort for the long days of walking through Barcelona. You can choose whether to sit in a rustic looking, but cozy wooden chair, or to have your ice cream while sitting in a sofa across the table. The staff is more than pleasant and will be a perfect guide for everyone.

It’s easy to get confused by the variety of ice creams they offer. If you want to try out their delicious ice cream, better go ahead and visit Dela Crem right away. Now we are going to recommend one small ristretto shot to complete the experience. The very strong coffee they are serving here will come as a perfect energizer and right company of, for instance, pistachio ice cream.

Missing DelaCrem would definitely be a mistake. This is the one place you should make sure to make time for if you find yourself in Barcelona.

3. Baluard Barceloneta

  • Address: Carrer de Provenca, 279, 08037 Barcelona, Spain
  • Working hours: 8am :9pm
  • Telephone: +34 932 69 48 18
  • Website:

If you find yourself passing through the Plaça Catalunya, you will enter the city district Eixample that we mentioned beforehand when we talked about DelaCrem coffee shop, and you will quickly find yourself in front of the glorious Baluard Barceloneta. This is the right venue for you if you are into more modern and sleek looking places that shout “future” proudly.

Baluard Barceloneta, with its vast space has high ceilings with well-designed modern chandeliers that will compensate any lack of light that can’t get through. Their high chairs and high tables are not for the ones who are all about comfort, but for those who know how to appreciate the beautiful architecture. The style of Baluard meets the expectations of the most modern and up to date customers.

Baluard Barceloneta offers a wide range of coffee choices, and if flat white is what speaks to your soul, you should also get their croissant to complement the rich taste of the cappuccino. This coffee shop is definitely the number one when it comes to having the full experience of having a breakfast or a midday snack.

If you are an experienced traveler and the type of person who knows what is good, you can see for yourself that this is definitely the right place for you.

2. Petritxol Cafe

For a rather small place that Petritxol Café is, the variety of choice they are offering is simply astonishing.  If you are prepared to have a messy but an amazing time eating their pastries with their strong coffee this is definitely where you should end up. With their more than reasonable prices, you will be in temptation to eat all that they offer.

But, as much as we approve the choice you will get in this café, we are careful not to recommend for you to eat that much. So, for that reason we will have to recommend their absolute must – churros and their chocolate croissants which are so delicious you will get a sensation you are leaving the ground and heading straight for the stratosphere.

Their flat white is what we opt for that perfectly complements their food. Petrixtol’s cuisine meets the high standards of every good restaurant in the world. Their design is here to meet the expectations of the modern man who knows that nowadays time is priceless. For that reason, the people from Petritxol Café decided to keep their design simple and small.

The staff of the café is very pleasant and attentive, giving you the most amazing experience while you’re there. But bear in mind that you will probably have to wait to get your order because their reputation is high and lots of people are waiting to get their coffee and pastries, but we aren’t saying it’s not worth the wait!

1. Caelum

Caelum is one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona you could ever visit and thus is very logical that we choose to talk about it, and place it as our number one for our article about coffee shops in Barcelona.

Located in the picturesque neighborhood of Barcelona which blends its historic artifacts with the modern day culture, this coffee shop is the perfect place to have your coffee or cake while you are resting in Barcelona.

With its old looking exterior, Caelum invites you to attend a celebration of one of a kind experience that brings together the old and new. The walls are stone, without tapestry and the light bulbs that are hanging from the ceiling are making the romantic atmosphere perfect for young couples and those ones who want to share that special moment with their loved ones.

The cakes that are put on display are inviting and their overall look is mouthwatering.  The choice of wines that they are offering is wide enough to meet the standards of every European city, and the pastry looks (and tastes) divine.

But if you are more for a cup of coffee, we recommend their café latte with the perfect combination of strong espresso and rich milk. As for the staff, they are attentive and at your service at all times, but you have to bear in mind that you need to reserve a place in this café given that its popularity is at its peak.

Summing It Up

We surely do hope that we managed to put your imagination in motion when the coffee shops in Barcelona are in question. After this article, you have the right amount of knowledge which you can use to your advantage and have the most out of your trip to Barcelona.

If you liked this article, and if you are interested to see what the world has to offer, please do check our article about coffee shops in Singapore or if you want to stick to the old Continent have a further look into coffee shops in Prague .



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